Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Winner of Big Brother Revealed

After 96 Big Brother 2014 summer days and a fall one, the curtains finally closed on the show. It was a season of tears, fights, and shocking evictions. Okay, we’re just kidding, but it was an interesting summer of Big Brother. We saw a powerful alliance dominate the game, a will-they-won’t-they bromance/showmance, and one of the best game players in Big Brother history. So despite the lack of controversy, we’d say Big Brother 16 wasn’t too bad.

BB16 Finale

The real drama of this Big Brother 2014 revolved around the jurors trying to decide who deserved the grand prize. Cody and Derrick both had their strengths and weaknesses in the game. Also there is the Victoria factor. If Cody won the final HoH competition, he could have chosen to take Victoria over Derrick in the finals. So Derrick may not be the clear winner of Big Brother.

The “Flying High or Bye, Bye” competition continues. Victoria falls before the 1 hour mark. Then Cody and Derrick discuss whether Derrick or Cody should drop first. Derrick tries to manipulate Cody into dropping out first, but Cody is not going for it. He really wants an endurance competition win.

So Derrick throws it to Cody; he faces off against Victoria in the next round.

BB16 Final HoH pt 2

For the second round, “Ancient BBgypt,” Victoria and Derrick must race across a wall to locate all the pictures of Big Brother 16 houseguests. Then they must match them up. Once they’re matched, they have to place them in order of every week’s final nominations. The player to complete this puzzle in the fastest time wins the second round.

The final times are:

Victoria 30:03

Derrick wins the second round.

Big Brother 2 winner, Dr. Will Kirby, hosts the jurors in a roundtable discussion. They discuss the game and the final three players. Before it starts, Caleb joins them, which reveals to the jurors the final three players.

BB16 jurors

A key thing that the jurors discuss is how Derrick made sure to play on their emotions. Nicole even says that Derrick makes you feel bad for his betrayal. Dr. Will asks them to name Derrick’s biggest move in the game. No one can pinpoint a specific instance.

They then talk about how Cody had a hand in all of Derrick’s decisions. Hayden mentions how Cody did a lot of the talking for Derrick. Then the conversation shifts to Victoria. The jury members almost start laughing trying to think of how she did anything to justify her becoming the winner of the season. However, Caleb and Jocasta both say they’d vote Victoria the winner if she makes it to the end.

Jury Roundtable Sneak Peek 1

Frankie defends Victoria and says how emotionally draining it is to be on the block, and that it takes strength to do it so many times, like Victoria. Hayden also says that she plays up her dumbness. Zach says he didn’t see any of her secret smartness.

Caleb and Frankie have a small argument because Caleb says he could never fully trust Frankie. However, Frankie says that his actions spoke louder than his words. Caleb should have trusted him and they could have made it to the final two.

BB16 Derrick and Cody face-off

The final part of the Head of Household competition, “Scales of Just Us,” places Cody and Derrick on actual scales. They then must answer how each of the first eight juror members finished certain statements. By the end of the game, it’s a 4-4 tie. The guys then go to a tie breaker question. They must answer how long, in seconds, did the first round of the final Head of Household competition last.

Cody guesses 3120 seconds, Derrick guesses 3013. The answer is 3,671 seconds. Cody guesses the answer closest to the real one. Therefore, he becomes the new Head of Household. He decides to take Derrick over Victoria to the end.

BB 16 Finale-Victoria's Eviction

Victoria becomes the final jury member.

The jurors get to ask three questions to each of the finalists. This is a rough outline of the questions and their responses.


  1. The first question basically states that Derrick claimed he had nothing to do with any of the evictions. However, after talking in the jury, they realize he basically caused all of their evictions. So what was the truth: no hand in any or caused all of them. He admits to being the mastermind in all of the jurors’ evictions.
  2. Cody was basically asked was he the puppet to Derrick’s puppetmaster game. He claims that he wasn’t just a puppet. In fact, he got out Frankie by turning Caleb against him.
  3. Did Derrick cross any lines by involving his family in his game? Derrick says he would never involve his family and that wasn’t part of his game strategy.
  4. What was Cody’s biggest strategy move? He said the week he basically flipped the house to keep Zach. Therefore taking out Hayden and Jocasta.
  5. Why do you deserve to win over Cody? He basically said because he masterminded everything.
  6. Why do you deserve to win over Derrick? He said he had a good social game and gained a lot of people’s trust, which helped Derrick and him decide who to get out.
  7. Because Victoria didn’t get to decide on the juror questions, she gets to ask one of her own to either Derrick or Cody. She asks one to Derrick and asks him if he was going to honor his original final two deal with her? He tells her that their friendship is genuine but his game loyalty was to Cody.

BB16 Finale-The End for Derrick and CodyThen Cody and Derrick give their final speeches. They basically just state the main points made during their Q&A. Cody mentions his great social game, and Derrick mentions how he manipulated the game to work in his favor all season.

Then each juror goes up to cast their vote. They all make some sort of comment as they do it. Zach and Victoria basically reveal that they’re giving their vote to Derrick. Zach says that he loves Jersey but his heart is in Rhode Island. Julie then reminds the jurors to not say anything that could reveal their votes, like Zach did.

BB16 Jurors

The first five evicted houseguests: Devin, Paola, Joey, Brittany, and Amber join the jurors on stage. Then Julie starts to talk about the stuff that the jurors missed, like Team America.

She shows a montage of all the main Team America tasks. Most of the jurors stare in surprise. Zach seems a bit angry about how he was used in most of the tasks, but eventually laughs them off.

Then Julie lets Derrick reveal that he is a cop and worked undercover. They then show Derrick’s audition video to reveal that not talking about being a cop was part of his strategy before he entered the house. Victoria and Cody seem most shocked by this reveal. Frankie says that he knew Derrick was a cop from the beginning.

It’s finally time to reveal the winner and America’s Favorite Player.

BB16 Derrick wins

The Votes:

Jocasta votes for Cody to win Big Brother 2014
Hayden votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Zach votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Donny votes for Cody to win Big Brother 2014
Nicole votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Christine votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Frankie votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Caleb votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014
Victoria votes for Derrick to win Big Brother 2014.

Derrick wins Big Brother 2014 by a 7-2 vote.


Then Julie announces that this year the America’s Favorite Player vote got over 10 million votes. She announces the three contestants with the highest votes are Nicole, Zach, and Donny. Julie reveals that Donny got 5 million of those votes and is America’s Favorite Player.