Big Brother Alumni Unite to Celebrate the End of Big Brother 20 (PHOTOS)

Big Brother 20 ended on last Wednesday, but the celebration has been going strong all weekend. Big Brother 20 alumni have joined their official Big Brother family to celebrate their journey and the journey of those that came before them. The new group of former houseguests have seamlessly integrated themselves into the Big Brother community. They have already, without much effort, become part of the huge growing Big Brother family.

Big Brother 20 After Parties-

The partying started right on Wednesday night after the Big Brother 20 houseguests did a few interviews. Then they reunited with each other to celebrate the major milestones of Big Brother 20, like Bayleigh Dayton and Christoper “Swaggy C” William’s engagement, Kaycee Clark winning the entire season, and Rachel Swindler finally finding out “What’s wrong with Angela?”

Then Friday and Saturday, the houseguests celebrated in Los Angeles and Vegas. It was at these celebrations that they were joined by houseguests from the previous 19 seasons, along with Big Brother Canada alumni. It was wonderful to see all the Big Brother 20 players get along, and the divide between the Hive and Level 6 finally come down.

However, it seemed like most of the Hive stayed glued to one another, and most of Level 6 with Kaitlyn Herman stayed together. We watched Snapchat video, Instagram lives, and tweets coming out for the last three days that showed just how entertaining the houseguests can be now that they have a lot more freedom. Check out our gallery below.

Credit: Images come from various social media pages of Big Brother alumni and friends, including Zakiyah Everette, Brett Robinson, Angela Rummans, Faysal Shafaat, Da’Vonne Rogers, Veronica Doherty, Kaitlyn Herman, Bayleigh Dayton, Glenn Garcia, Scottie Salton, Josh Martinez, Haleigh Broucher, Andrew Miller, Murtz Jaffer, Jc Mounduix, Jessie Godderz, Christine Varner, James Rhines, McCrae Olson, Rachel Swindler, Robyn Kass, TV Party App, Jillian Parker, Parker Delon, Michelle Meyer, Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Michelle Costa, Tyler Crispen, Sam Bledsoe, Ali Steve Arienta, Paras  Atashnak, Kaela Grant, and Kailah Casillas.

*Additional reporting by Tamara Kennedy*

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