Big Brother 20 Episode 40 Live Recap: Finale Night 2018

Here we are folks!  After a season that brought us great thrills, secrets, and plenty of blindsides, we are ready to find out who will be crowned the season 20 winner of Big Brother and walk away with $500,000 tonight.  As you know we are left with Tyler Crispens, JC Moundiux, and Kaycee Clark as our final 3 houseguests.  One of the them will walk away with a half a million dollars this evening.

Big Brother 20 Finale Night

The last Head of Household competition consists of 3 separate rounds.  All 3 remaining houseguests compete in the first round only.  The winner of the first round gets to sit out the second round and await the winner of round 2.  The final round will be between the winners of the first and second rounds.  The loser of the first 2 rounds will not compete in the third and final round but is not evicted from the Big Brother house just yet.

Once a final HOH is crowned, the winner will pick, between the remaining two contestants, as to which one he/she wants to take with them to the final 2 and ultimately the jury vote.  The houseguest that is not picked for the final 2 will immediately join the Big Brother jury and will have a vote as to which houseguests wins Big Brother.  The jury will consist of 10 members, and each member will cast one vote for their pick of the winner for Big Brother 20 after both final 2 houseguests have given their final speech to the jurors.  A few select jurors will also have an opportunity to ask questions to the 2 remaining houseguests before the vote is cast.

Rounds 1 and 2 Final HOH Competition

Round 1 of the HOH competition is an endurance comp called Jet Pack Attack.  The jetpacks aren’t exactly easy to hang onto either as they move in all directions including tilting forwards and backwards.  In addition, spurts of air and slime are extra details the players must contend with during the competition.  JC only made it a little over 54 minutes in the competition.

Big Brother 20

Kaycee revealed in the diary room that she and Tyler had a plan for the final HOH comp whereas she was supposed to win the first round and he was going to win the second.  However, when JC fell in the first round, Tyler was waiting for the right moment to drop to make sure it looked legitimate.  He waited too long for Kaycee’s burning arms, and she fell before Tyler could drop out of the comp.

The second round will be between Kaycee and JC, and the winner of that round will fight in the final round against Tyler.  This round is called Mount Evictus where the players must know their season history and be physical at the same time.  The houseguests must pick former houseguests and wall climb to place their names in the 4 appropriate spots on Mount Evictus.  After 3 rounds, the player with comp completed in the fastest time wins the second round of the HOH competition.

Big Brother 20

Kaycee finished in 18:55 while JC finished in a close 19:34 which was only 39 seconds behind Kaycee.  Now Kaycee and Tyler will fight against each other in the third and final round.  The winner of that round will go onto the jury vote for a chance to win the Big Brother crown.

Dr. Will Kirby Visits the Big Brother Jurors

During a sit-down with Dr. Will Kirby, most of the jury assumed that JC would be the next juror to join the crew.  Angela Rummans appeared next and not JC.  Angela revealed Level 6 to the group.  Dr. Will asked for a show of hands of which players were evicted as a result of Level 6.  The results were obvious as Level 6 moved through all of the Hive alliance.

The debate then became whether or not JC was an all-around good Big Brother player.  There were a few houseguests that thought JC was controlling things inside the Big Brother house.  Although others felt like he had no physical game and Big Brother winners should have both abilities to win $500,000.

Round 3 Final HOH Competition

The final round is called Jury Oddcasts.  Julie Chen will play 8 videos with information from the former houseguests.  Tyler and Kaycee must select whether or not the oddcast was true.  Each correctly answered question gains them one point.  The player with the most points after 8 rounds wins the final HOH.

Big Brother 20

After 6 rounds, Kaycee and Tyler are tied.  In round 7, they both answered the question wrong!  In round 8, they also both got the wrong answer.  The tie-breaker will be a number question.  The person to get the closest without going over wins the final HOH competition.  The question was how many seconds Kaycee lasted in the Jet Pack Attack comp in round one.  She answered 3,400 and Tyler answered 2,002.  The correct answer was 3,413 seconds, therefore Kaycee won and was only off by 13 seconds.

Big brother tyler vs kaycee

Kaycee Clark won the final HOH competition and will decide which player she takes with her to the final 2.  Tyler and JC gave their final speeches to try and convince Kaycee to chose them in the F2.  Kaycee casted the last eviction vote of the summer and chose to take Tyler to end of Big Brother 20 with her.

During his exit interview, JC said his loyalty to Tyler is what screwed him in the end.  When Julie asked him if Kaycee made a half a million dollar mistake by taking Tyler over him to the final 2, JC was unable to answer that question until he calmed down.  JC is now the final member of the jury.

Big Brother 20 Jury

The 9 members of the jury this year consists of JC Moundiux, Brett Robinson, Haleigh Broucher, Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar Lantry, Faysal Shafaat, Scottie Salton, Sam Bledsoe, and Angela Rummans.  Time for questions.

Big Brother 20 Jury

Haleigh, Brett, Bayleigh, Angela, Sam, and Scottie asked the F2 three different questions each about their gameplay this season.  Both Tyler and Kaycee answered the questions as expected with no big surprises other than Tyler finally revealing the Power App he won in week 2.  Both Tyler and Kaycee gave their final speeches to the jury and voting is up next.

Final Vote for Big Brother 20 Winner

Before the votes were read, Julie confirmed the showmance’s of the season including Fessy and Haleigh, Angela and Tyler and of course, Swaggy C and Bayleigh.  Swaggy C dropped to one knee and proposed live on air to Bayleigh and she accepted!  Another Big Brother romance.

JC votes for Tyler
Angela votes for Tyler
Sam votes for Kaycee
Brett votes for Tyler
Haleigh votes for Tyler
Scottie votes for Kaycee
Fessy votes for Kaycee
Rockstar votes for Kaycee
Bayleigh votes for Kaycee

Each of the 9 jurors have voted for their choice to win Big Brother 20.  The results are in.  The winner of Big Brother 20 by a vote of 5 to 4, Kaycee Clark wins Big Brother 20!!!!

Kaycee Clark wins Big Brother 20

Tyler Crispen wins America’s Favorite Player!

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Big Brother 20

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