Big Brother 20 Week 6 Live Eviction Recap (08/09/2018)

There is no doubt that this 20th season of Big Brother has been full of blindside evictions and backdoor nominations.  Luckily for us, week 6 is no exception.  This has been a crazy week inside the Big Brother house with 4 different houseguests on the block starting with Scottie Salton and Rockstar Lantry.  Tyler Crispen did a brief tour on the block before he was saved with the Power of Veto used by this week’s Head of Household, Angela Rummans.  We end the week with either Queen Bay (Bayleigh Dayton) or Rockstar becoming the first member of the Big Brother 20 jury.

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans

Last night’s episode ended with a shocked and stunned Bayleigh being nominated to the block as Tyler’s replacement.  HOH Angela gave an epic speech declaring that Queen Bay’s power trip was over.  Angela also shared that she was certain that the secret identity of the Big Brother Hacker, and she officially (and incorrectly) revealed Queen Bay.  Something tells me Bayleigh did not take this accusation lightly, and we are in for some fireworks in tonight’s live eviction episode.

Backdoor Nomination Fallout & Last Minute Manuevers

Now that Angela has made a power move and sent Queen Bay all the way from HOH last week, to fighting for her life this week, will she have the votes to evict her target?  Angela made it very clear to her alliance, Level 6, soon as she took control of the Big Brother house earlier in the week, that Bayleigh was her number one target for eviction.  Now her plan is coming to fruition, but Bayleigh and her alliance, the Hive, couldn’t possibly go down without a fight.

The new twist introduced this week, the Big Brother Hacker Competition, has certainly lived up to the Big Brother motto…Expect the Unexpected.  The real hacker, Haleigh Broucher, has successfully concealed her identity from all of the houseguests.  Will Haleigh keep her true identity secret or will she come clean before the live eviction vote tonight?

Bayleigh and Tyler start to quarrel immediately following the POV ceremony.  Tyler goes as far as to tell Bayleigh , in front of all the houseguests, that he is voting to evict her. Tyler tells Bayleigh that he is coming after her because she put him on the block…as the hacker.  Tyler wants nothing to do with listening to Bayleigh swear that she is not the hacker.

To lighten up the mood in the Big Brother house, Brett’s punishment from the POV competition, Insta-Granny has begun.  Brett must take care of Mr. Pec’s grandmother for 24 hours.  He must be at her beckon call.  She’s rude, demanding, and down right hilarious.  Now back to Big Brother business.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Bayleigh confides to Haleigh about how upsetting it is that the hacker is hanging her out to dry in the game.  Haleigh reveals in the diary room that she feels horrible for the position she is in with Bayleigh.  The pressure that Haleigh is under knowing her best friend in the house is suffering these consequences with everyone assuming Bayleigh is the hacker is extreme.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

The pressure finally gets to Haleigh and she comes clean to Bayleigh about being the hacker.  She apologizes and tells Bayleigh that she never intended to throw her under the bus.  A joint cry fest ensues and Bayleigh ends up consoling Haleigh. When that is over, Haleigh tells Bayleigh that she is going to tell the houseguests that she is the true hacker.

Haleigh decides to call a house meeting to try and save face and keep Bayleigh in the game.  When Haleigh comes clean about being the hacker, she asked the houseguests to apologize to Bayleigh, and adds that she owes Bayleigh an apology as well.  When Tyler, in particular, refuses to apologize, Bayleigh completely and totally loses her mind and complete control.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

A vicious screaming match ensues between Bayleigh and Tyler where Bayleigh paints Tyler out to be a Big Brother villian.  Bayleigh is so enraged that she bites her own tongue while screaming and has blood all over her mouth and teeth.  The rest of the house stays out of the confrontation, and it ends with both parties going to their own respective side of the Big Brother house.

Week 6 Live Eviction Votes

The hacker’s last power of the week grants them the ability to block one houseguest’s vote for eviction.  Haleigh chose Tyler’s vote to be eliminated from this week’s eviction vote and therefor, Tyler will not be allowed to vote.

Brett Robinson Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Faysal Shafaat Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Haleigh Broucher Votes to Evict Bayleigh
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Sam Bledsoe Votes to Evict Rockstar
Scottie Salton Votes to Evict Bayleigh

By a resounding vote of 6 to 1, Bayleigh is evicted from the Big Brother house.  Surprisingly, Sam chose to keep Bayleigh while her BFF and ‘ride or die’, Haleigh, voted to evict Bayleigh.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

During her interview with Julie Chen, Bayleigh says that she does love all the houseguests, but they also get on her nerves.  She also said that she accidentally told Rachel about her power in an effort to shut her up from crying all the time.  That was received by many boo’s from the Big Brother audience.  Julie informed Bayleigh that Swaggy C visited her parents recently after he left the Big Brother house.  Bayleigh was ecstatic with that news and told Julie that their relationship was more than real.  Overall, Bayleigh said the houseguests still love her and vice versus, but they just annoy her to no end.

Week 7 Head of Household Competition

Time has come for the next Head of Household competition.  This comp is called #HashTagTooLong.  This will be a head-to-head comp where houseguests will try and pick the correct picture to match the given hashtag.  The winner of each round will chose the next two houseguests to compete against one another.  The player that loses each round is automatically eliminated from the game.  The last houseguest standing wins the HOH.

Big Brother 20 HOH

The comp starts by random draw for a first round between Sam and JC.  JC wins and selects Rockstar and Tyler.  Rockstar wins and selects Kaycee and Brett.  Brett wins and selects Haleigh and Fessy.  Haleigh wins and Scott and Brett.  Brett wins and selects Haleigh and Rockstar.  Haleigh wins and selects JC and Brett.  JC wins and the last round is between Haleigh and JC.  Haleigh wins and is crowned the new Head of Household.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

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