Big Brother Predictions and Poll: Who Will Win Big Brother 20?

In several hours, the Big Brother 20 jury members will cast their votes for the winner of this season. In Big Brother 19, the world was shocked when Paul Abrahamian lost to Josh Martinez. It truly showed that you can never be certain who will win the show. Even four weeks ago, most fans were confident that Tyler Crispen would beat anyone in the final two.

Big Brother 20 Final 3

However, now it’s really unclear who will win Big Brother 20. Tyler got heavily involved in a showmance with Angela Rummans, and just generally very distracted,so he neglected his jury management skills. He also let too many people believe that he had their backs. It was one too many final two deals. From the jury segment shown last week, we know that some of the Big Brother 20 jury members are not happy with Tyler’s game play, and they praised the way Kaycee Clark played Big Brother.

Going into the finale, JC Mounduix, Tyler, and Kaycee are still in the house. By the end of the first 30 minutes, it will be just two players. Usually going into a finale night, we have some sort of intrigue about who will be the final two. This year, we already know it will be Kaycee and Tyler. JC will be evicted by whoever wins the final competition.

Now the mystery comes in who will actually take home the win. This one will be very hard to guess because most jury evidence points to a Kaycee victory, but this all could be careful footage manipulation to trick everyone into thinking Tyler has no chance to win the game, only for him to pull off the win. Let’s breakdown each possible jury vote.

Bayleigh will vote Kaycee
Rockstar will vote Kaycee
Faysal will vote Kaycee
Scottie will vote Tyler
Haleigh will vote Kaycee
Brett will vote Tyler
Sam will vote Tyler
Angela will vote Tyler
JC will vote Tyler

It will be close, but in the end, we think Tyler will barely edge out Kaycee for the victory. This is a wild guess, so we really wouldn’t be surprised either way. The only reason we think Tyler might have a little bit of an edge is because some players won’t want to seem bitter, so they’ll reward Tyler’s out in front game more than Kaycee’s in the background game.

Who do you think will win Big Brother 20? Vote below in our poll.

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