Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 6?

Oh how our Big Brother rankings can change so swiftly from one week to the next! Those pesky Head of Household Competitions can certainly work a number on who has the power in the house, especially now the Battle of the Block is gone. Who is riding high this week after the demise of Clelli and will probably be safe as you can get at the next eviction? Which Houseguests have big targets firmly on their backs and better watch out? We lay it all out in our Big Brother 17 rankings for week 6!

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This week on Big Brother 2015, one of the showmance power duo is gone, gone gone. So that means their other half is left struggling to reform half-broken alliances and hopefully make some new deals if they want to survive another week. On the other side of the house, James just showed he is not afraid to get blood on his hands, which could put even his allies in fear of his next move. Not a good thing when you can’t win HoH!.Meanwhile, Austin and the twins can’t decide who exactly they want to shack up with!

12. Clay Honeycutt – His move to vote off Jason cost him royally this week. I said last week, Clay would survive on the block against Shelli and he would have this week if he had not asked others to vote him out. Clay threw away his game for a woman he has not known for three months.

11. Shelli Poole – If she stays, she is still a threat in the game long-term. I think many would throw her on the block and send her home because she’s a competitor. I don’t think Austin, Julia or Liz will work with Shelli long-term. Vanessa is her best chance moving forward at keeping her safe in the game.

10. James Huling – While James made a big move this week, I believe this is the type of move that will make him a target next week. He can’t win HOH, so his only move for safety is Jackie or Meg HOH or a POV. An outgoing HOH that wins POV in the same week is deadly moving forward and if given the chance he could be backdoored.

9. Jackie Ibarra – Jackie is very smart, but she is on the radar of the Sixth Sense because she is a fierce competitor and knows their alliance. If they miss at getting James out, she is the next best option to take out for them. I think Jackie needs to go all out for tonight’s HOH competition or the odds of her leaving are really high.

8. Vanessa Russo – Vanessa is in trouble! Becky, Jackie, Meg are all onto her and if they get HOH she is likely the target. I think she has showed too much of her hand when she backdoored Jason and has been trying to save Shelli. She is putting unnecessary targets on her own back.

7. Austin Matleson – Austin sending home Clay could make him a huge target if the other side of the house gets HOH. I think he’s making a mistake sending home Clay and will possibly take the fall for it. It also makes matters worse as the “Austwins” is becoming a thing. They’re beginning to be looked at as a trio in the game.

6. Liz Nolan – For Liz, her social game is really bad and she spends way too much time clouded up with Austin in the game. I think Liz needs to connect with the others because if she sits on the block she is a threat to go home. Twins in the game is dangerous and Julia is playing better.

5. Julia Nolan – As I said, Julia is playing better. Jackie and Meg both really like Julia who interacts with others in the house. She also has a relationship with Johnny Mac in the house, so if she is on the block I think she has a high chance of surviving against her sister, Vanessa or even Austin.

4. Becky Burgess – Her stock goes down a spot from last week because she became a rat. But not only is she a rat, but Vanessa knows that she is. I expect Becky to be exposed as a rat in the house as long as she does not get HOH. James side of the house suspects that there’s a rat in the house, but they do not know who it is.

3. Meg Maley – Meg, Meg, Meg. I don’t have much to say here, but being a non-threat in competitions and just laughing around the hose seems to work for her. I think anyone who sits next to Meg will go home, honestly. I can’t think of a single reason to evict her and neither can the houseguest! She’s looked at as a “pawn” for a reason! Pawn your way to the F2?

2. Steve Moses – My only problem with Steve is that he gives Vanessa way too much game information. I think he’s safe for another week and it seems no one minus Austin could consider targeting him. Throwing competitions really has worked out for him since his closes ally is the only one knows he is doing it. The problem for Steve long-term is he is not very sociable and needs to socialize with others.

1. Johnny Mac – Johnny Mac came in 3rd in an endurance competition and no one cared. Why is he not a target? The dentist is quiet, smart, knows a lot of information and seems to just be coasting his way around. I expect him around for a really long time. It shocks me because someone referred to him in the house as Dan! Well, hello Dan made it to the F2 twice! John also has a nice little army with Becky and Steve, who would be the ideal F3 for him.

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