Big Brother 2015: Power of Veto Results and Final Nominees – 8/5/2015

On Big Brother 17 tonight, we’ll finally get a look at what was apparently quite a wild Power of Veto Competition. We can’t wait to see how exactly the punishments (one of them quite grueling!) and prizes we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds were earned by the Houseguests!

Clay and Shelli face eviction together, unless the PoV goes their way (CBS)

With both members of the Clelli showmance on the block, we know Shelli and Clay will be battling hard to grab that PoV. Head of Household James, however, doesn’t want anyone getting that prize but him or his trusted allies to make sure the nominations stay the same.

Shelli and Clay are still in complete disbelief at how they could possibly have ended up in the dire circumstance of being on the block together. Well, we have a whole in-depth post on the denial and downfall of Clelli, but the simple answer is — they dug their own pit and fell into it.

For those who just can’t wait any longer, you can grab the results from the Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony over on our Big Brother spoilers page. Or read on for our recap of Wednesday night’s show!

When we last left our intrepid hamsters, James had just pulled out all the stops and put showmance couple Shelli and Clay up on the block together. Naturally, Chelli was totally freaked and pissed off at this development. The Sixth Sense alliance is coming apart at the seams, but the other side of the house has a rat in their midst…

James says in Diary Room that he is not afraid to get blood on his hands, and he’s not scared to say he is the one who dropped the hammer on Clay and Shelli. Clay says in Diary Room that he never thought James would go back on his word. In tears, Shelli says in Diary Room that she can’t imagine moving forward in this game without her “ride or die” Clay beside her.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (2)

Vanessa tries to tell Shelli she is loyal to her to the end, but Shelli just brushes right by her. This obviously pisses Vanessa off. She’s not as angry as Clay, however, who verbally attacks James for betraying his word with the deal he promised Shelli at the end of the HoH Comp. Shelli yells at him to stop it and snaps her fingers at him like he’s a dog.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (4)

James says he did three years in prison with big men and he’s not scared of Clay.

Shelli tells Clay not to act like that or they are going to target him. He says he’d rather that he goes home than she does. Shelli says he’s the bigger target her, James just said that clear as day. Clay promises he will go home before she does. Shelli says she just threw that HoH Comp away and she never should have come off the wall. (We think James would have beaten her regardless.)

Vanessa is upset and tells Jackie and James that she feels like Chelli are blaming her for being up on the block. James says they have to be held accountable. Vanessa says in Diary Room that Chelli is acting incredibly unfair and blaming everyone but themselves. James says they don’t care about anyone’s feelings but themselves. James hopes that whoever wins Power of Veto keeps the nominations as they are.

Clay tells Shelli he is so pissed off and he doesn’t trust anyone in this game except her. Shelli wants to know why they are getting all the blame. Why aren’t the twins up there? Why aren’t Vanessa and Austin up there? (Why why why whine whine whine.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (6)

Vanessa comes in to talk to Shelli and Clay. She wants to know why the f*ck they wouldn’t even give her a hug. She’s really upset. She wants to know why they just walked away from her. Shelli is like, what’s going on? Vanessa says she didn’t know this was going to happen. She says they took a risk last week and that’s that.

Shelli says they put their ass*s on the line last week to keep Austin last week. Now he’s sitting pretty, and Vanessa is around there not believing he wants to win, putting Austin way higher than she should be. Shelli says she is going to do whatever she has to… Vanessa says that is going to hurt her game and their game.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (5)

Clay says it was her decision that hurt her game. Vanessa explodes at this, saying “my decision, OUR decision… You are going to take your most loyal person and turn them against you, honestly.” She storms off, crying and very upset, all the way out to the backyard.

Vanessa rages to Jackie about how Clay and Shelli are blaming the whole decision for putting up Jason last week on her. She says she takes responsibility for being part of it, but THEY were part of the decision. James says in Diary Room this is exactly why he put them up on the block. They just keep sitting in the back and will do anything to put the blame on everyone else.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (7)

James tells everyone he did this for everyone’s game because they would have slit someone’s throat. He says he is going to take most of the blame for this, and one is going to be safe, and he will have to live with that.

Shelli comes out in the backyard all smiles and asks what everyone is talking about. No one answers. Shelli asks James to come in and talk to her and Clay. Clay apologizes for getting upset. He says it was just because of all the people in the house, the two of them are the ones that would have his back in this game. Shelli says they haven’t betrayed him in any way. Clay says nor were they ever going to.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (9)

James says in Diary Room that he’s been on the block too many times when Shelli was in power. There is no way they have his best interest in mind. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and they have to deal with it.

James tells Shelli and Clay that they didn’t have to vote Jason out. If they had told Vanessa no, they wouldn’t vote out Jason, she would have had to put Austin up. Shelli and Clay totally avoid responding to this. Shelli immediately goes after James for breaking the deal he made with her at the end of the HoH Comp.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (10)

James says they are two votes in one. If it comes down to the three of them, they will put each other over him. He says this is all spilt milk, where do you go from here?

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