Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 75: Trying to Finesse Tommy

The awkwardness from the night before still lingered in the air as Jackson Michie and Holly Allen tried to move on from their late night disagreement. Nothing still really got resolved or defined. Were they just game partners now? Still a showmance? Who knows. They did agree to continue to work together, despite the other houseguests kind of hoping this was the end for their allegiance and showmance.

Nicole Anthony expressed her concern to Cliff Hogg III about Holly and Jackson possibly playing them. Cliff then told them about Tommy Bracco mentioning that it was weird for Jackson to be so pro-keeping Cliff over Jessica Milagros. They then discussed a plan to make it seem like they only wanted Cliff to stay because they viewed him as less of a threat.

Holly also figured that she could say that she wanted Cliff gone, but Jackson wanted him to stay. She had to respect Jackson’s Head of Household. Holly also shared this idea and plan with Nicole, so if it got back to her, she would know it was an act.
The majority of the day was spent with casual chitchat. Tommy also questioned whether to use the Veto to save Christie Murphy, but he said he wasn’t willing to risk her leaving.

Eventually, the original four sat down together and Jackson explained why he wanted to keep Cliff over Jess. Tommy and Christie said they understood but tried to subtly push for Cliff’s eviction this week. Jackson and Holly then shared what happened in the meeting with Cliff, so he’d know that  they were still good.

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