We have our second Double Eviction of Big Brother 17 tonight and two Houseguests will be headed off to Jury this evening! Double Eviction results night means a whole week of Big Brother played in just one hour. Two evictions, two Head of Household Competitions, and two new, bitter members of the Jury!

Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen (CBS)

After the first live eviction, the new Head of Household winner will be chosen and then immediately have to put up two eviction nominees with only a few moments to think. No matter who gets evicted first, or who wins tonight, unless something drastic happens, we don’t expect Vanessa to end up being a target. Yes, she’s been THAT good at manipulating all her allies. If she does even go up as a nominee, we would be gleeful at the drama, if she went to Jury, we might collapse in shock.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

We do expect James to be in extreme danger of being the second person evicted if he doesn’t win the Head of Household. If Vanessa, or one of the Austwins gets HoH, it seems almost certain they will go after him. Unless, of course, Vanessa suddenly decides now is the time to flip on the Austwins and somehow makes an insanely rapid deal with him to get one of them out. Or vice-versa. That would be seriously awesome.

Even more awesome would be James winning the Head of Household, because he’s the most likely to after breaking up the Austwins or even Vanessa herself. He’s the loose cannon we need up there to gather the troops and start blasting the power quad out of the game before it’s too late. So we’d love to see James take it first, and then Johnny Mac take the second one. How fun would that be?

Van Campaign to James

As for who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight, we’ll be right here live recapping the results of both competitions as they happen. The first on the live show, and the second on the Live Feeds at some point after the show ends!

First up, we find out who will be the first Head of Household for the week!


Head of Household Competition – BB Roadtrip:

This will be a true/false quiz competition about silly pictures with the previously eliminated Houseguests.

  • Round 1: No one out.
  • Round 2: Steve and James out. (OUCH!)
  • Round 3: Johnny Mac and Austin out. (Double OUCH!)
  • Round 4: Down to Julia and Liz. Neither out.
  • Round 5: Neither out.
  • Round 6: Neither out.
  • Round 7: Julia is out. Liz is the new Head of Household.

After winning Head of Household, Liz nominates Johnny Mac and James for eviction.

Julia wins Power of Veto, thus giving all the power in the house to the twins. She chooses not to use the PoV and leaves the nominations the same.

As a result, James is evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to join Meg in Jury.

The second Head of Household Competition for the night didn’t start up until much later, around 9:30 PM BBT.

The Live Feeds are back on just after 10:50 PM BBT and STEVE has won the Head of Household! Now if only he will get with Johnny Mac and make a big move!

This might just be the week Vanessa does her best to betray the Austwins by teaming up with Steve and Johnny Mac. If they are wise, they’ll take out Liz and blow both the showmance and the twins apart. (Then Steve and Johnny Mac need to get with whomever is left and get out Vanessa!)

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