The Big Brother Live Feeds went off Thursday afternoon with us still wondering if there might be a chance for a radical vote flip for the live eviction results. Everything seemed to hinge on Steve, and whether or not he might decide to just — as he said — “f*ck it” and go against Vanessa’s plan to oust Meg.

Vanessa and her (rebellious?) minions (CBS)

While it was not looking good for what remains of the Goblins before the Feeds went down for the live show, there is always still a chance. If Steve and Johnny Mac figured out it was going to be a Double Eviction night while there was still time for them to have another powwow… well, then we finally could end up with that vote flip we keep not having week after week!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

This week is the second Big Brother Double Eviction night of the season, although the Houseguests didn’t seem to be aware of that before the Live Feeds went down on Thursday afternoon. If they had been certain, we might have actually seen Steve and Johnny Mac complete a deal to vote to evict Julia, rather than Meg.

Instead, we were left with what seemed like a failed vote flip plan when last night Steve (after getting a promise of safety from the twins) told Johnny Mac he wasn’t going to vote against Julia. John didn’t seem all that happy about this, but went along with it because what else could he do really?


But wait, right before the Feeds went dark to prep for the live show, we saw Steve, alone, talking to himself, contemplating whether or not keeping Julia was indeed the best move for his game. The best move for Vanessa maybe, he said, but maybe not for him. He asked himself, and the cameras, should he just say “f*ck it” and flip the vote?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see whether Steve actually made a decision to “f*ck it” or not as the Feeds went off until after the live show. So we were just left to wonder, was there any chance Steve might actually change his mind, get with Johnny Mac in time to make it solid, and then flip the vote and oust Julia?

But enough with speculation, let’s get on with the show! (Refresh this page for the latest updates!)

Big Brother 17 1

Before the hour is over, two Houseguests will be evicted and sent off to Jury house. Who will it be? Let’s get this party started and find out! We are less than three weeks away from crowning the next Big Brother winner, but first, we have to get rid of two more hamsters!

Until now, the Julia and Liz have avoided going on the block. But now Julia is up against Meg. Will the other Houseguests finally take this chance to break up the Austwins?

Johnny Mac is feeling really good about Vanessa not putting him up again, and can’t believe he went from talking to host Julie Chen in the ‘Big Brother Afterlife’ to coming back in the house and being safe. James is happy that he’s safe, but his main ally in the house, Meg, is now up there against Julia.

James tells Meg this could be the opportunity for Steve and Johnny Mac to go against the Austwins. Johnny Mac, meanwhile, is up talking to Vanessa and says he needs to start pissing people off. Vanessa says everyone already hates her in Jury. Johnny Mac and Vanessa both confirm their ‘covert’ final two. Even Steve doesn’t know they are close, which Vanessa is very happy about. She wants to keep all her allies under wraps from each other.

Big Brother 17 1

James campaigns to Johnny Mac about the Austwins having a big group with all the power and they are all in trouble if they don’t band together. Johnny Mac is excited over the whole idea of breaking up the Austwins, but in Diary Room he is afraid that not doing what Vanessa wants might mess up his game. He goes to talk to Steve, and in Diary Room Steve says he loves this game with all this backstabbing goodness. He says maybe this is the time to make a big move.

Steve talks to Vanessa about how bad it will be for them to go up against the Austwins. He argues it might be better to get out Julia and give James incentives not to put either of them up on the block. Vanessa tells Steve he’s lost his mind if he thinks James and Meg would work with them. By himself later, Steve literally is physically sick because he’s so upset over what to do.

Big Brother 17 1

Host Julie Chen announces to the Houseguests that it is time for another Double Eviction. And there is no time to waste. Meg and Julia give their eviction speeches, both begging the other Houseguests to save them.

Time for the first round of votes!

Big Brother 17 1

Live Eviction One:

  • Liz votes to evict Meg
  • James votes to evict Julia
  • Steve votes to evict Meg
  • Johnny Mac votes to evict Meg
  • Austin votes to evict Meg

That’s it, Meg has been evicted and will go to Jury. Meg gives out hugs all around. James tells her he will “see her later.” Big cheers for Meg as she comes out to talk to Julie.

Big Brother 17 1

Meg says she felt like there was a whole plan to get James out, but she feels like she was a “whoops” this week and there she is. She says she doesn’t regret getting out Shelli instead of Vanessa, because she thinks they would have been in the same place.

Ironic though, that Vanessa is responsible for her going out. She says Vanessa scares her a lot and of course she would tell her she isn’t her target. But always she would rather her be out of the house because she always listens to everything. Meg says she and James are just best friends, but there are no fireworks there. She says it is so crazy in there and not what you expect.

Next up, we find out who will be the first Head of Household for the week!


Head of Household Competition – BB Roadtrip:

This will be a true/false quiz competition about silly pictures with the previously eliminated Houseguests.

  • Round 1: No one out.
  • Round 2: Steve and James out. (OUCH!)
  • Round 3: Johnny Mac and Austin out. (Double OUCH!)
  • Round 4: Down to Julia and Liz. Neither out.
  • Round 5: Neither out.
  • Round 6: Neither out.
  • Round 7: Julia is out. Liz is the new Head of Household.

Liz will have just a few minutes to decide her nominations. Wow. Well, it looks like the Austwins will be surviving intact through the Double Eviction. And probably Vanessa as well. Thinking James is about to join Meg in Jury House. Unless Liz goes for trying to get out Johnny Mac, whom she hates.

Liz covers both her bases and put up James and Johnny Mac. She’ll be happy if either of them go out, as will Austin and Julia. Vanessa not so much if Johnny Mac gets eliminated right now. She still needs him. If one of them wins Power of Veto, we expect Steve will go up. Unless the Austwins suddenly hatch a last minute plan to backdoor Vanessa. That might redeem the night at least!

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