Big Brother 19 Eviction Predictions: Week 5- Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies?

Two weeks ago, we predicted that Jessica Graf or Dominique Cooper had the Halting Hex. We predicted that one of them would use it that Big Brother 19 night. This would make it a non-eviction Big Brother night. At the time, we thought Dominique was more likely to be the holder of the Hex than Jessica, so it seemed more in her best interest to use it.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Jessica didn’t really need it at that moment. The night came and went with no Hex being used. Jessica was also revealed to be the holder, and she didn’t see the value in saving Dominique at that moment, especially with the possibility of it saving her game later down the road.

The following week, Jessica won the Head of Household competition. Therefore, once again, it was not needed. Now, Jessica and her boyfriend Cody Nickson are on the block, and a few steps away from eviction. Prior to the Power of Veto ceremony, Jessica toyed with the possibility of not using it.

However, everyone’s actions at the POV ceremony, and after it, made it clear to Jessica that she needed to use it. Not only to save Cody, but possibly herself. There was still a chance that the Big Brother 19 house could have manipulated Jessica into not using it, but that all went out the window when the house put on a circus act.

Big Brother 19 JEssica Graf and Cody Nickson

Therefore, we are 100 percent sure that Jessica will use the Halting Hex to stop this week’s Big Brother Live Eviction. This means that there will be no voting and no one leaves the game: Cody and Jessica get to stay together in the Big Brother 19 house for at least one more week. It’ll depend on the outcome of the HOH competition, Temptation Competition, and Power of Veto competition to see if they can stay together longer than another extra week.

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