Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 11 Eviction and HoH Recap

Big Brother 2014 only has five players left. The last two weeks of Big Brother is always intense for the houseguests, but tonight things got even crazier. A rewind has been set in motion and no one is safe. Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Cody, and Victoria faced a major wrench in their Big Brother 16 game. But did the Big Brother 2014 rewind change anything?

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Big Brother 2014 Week 11 Eviction and HoH Recap below. Find out what the Big Brother 16 jurors have been doing below…

The threat of eviction starts to take an emotional toll on Victoria. Frankie comforts her while she cries. He encourages her to not give up on her game just yet. Meanwhile, Derrick continues to create a bond between Victoria and him by being her confidant in her current state of vulnerability. She mentions in the Diary Room that the guys have a “bros overs you know” mentality. So saving herself is impossible.

Caleb and Cody continue their entertaining, but completely ridiculous, behavior. Caleb scares Cody while he’s in the shower. For no reason but to entertain himself.

Big Brother 16-Derrick and Victoria Episode 35

Later, Derrick uses his ‘I’m so weak’ campaign on Frankie to ensure that he makes the final two. Derrick tries to place doubt in Frankie’s head about his possibilities of beating Caleb or Cody in the finals. Frankie listens to Derrick’s claims, but tells the DR that he knows his plans. He hasn’t counted Derrick out as someone who could beat him in the end.

Derrick steps his game play up a notch by devising a plan with Victoria to keep himself safe longer. Victoria and Derrick discuss a fake fall out between the pair. She heads to the Head of Household room to initiate their plan by pouring her heart out to Frankie about Derrick’s betrayal. Her crying, makes him cry. Frankie then runs to Derrick to discuss how much Victoria hates him right now. Later, Victoria and Derrick secretly celebrate their accomplished mission. As Victoria puts it, a playa just got played.

Big Brother 16-Frankie and Victoria Episode 35

Victoria enters into the living room and discovers a message that says the next live show is in 48 hours. Because they realize that the live show and Rewind button are connected, they begin speculating about what’s going to happen on Wednesday. Naively, Caleb hopes that the Rewind button will bring his favorite celebrity, Mila Kunis, into the house for a luxury competition. Then he can get rejected on television twice. Victoria and Cody realistically speculate that the button might accelerate the game. Therefore, it results in two evictions this week and the finale on Sunday.

During the live portion of the episode, Julie asks Caleb what he hopes the button does. He says he hope it makes a diesel truck appear with a lot of cash that he can share with everyone. Julie tells him to not hold his breath. She asks Derrick if he regrets pushing the button. He says no, but he wished they waited a little longer to press it. Julie then asks Frankie about the Jeff and Jordan proposal. He says he is such a superfan that he felt like he knew them. So seeing their engagement filled his heart with joy, because it was like attending a family ceremony.

BB16-Julie Chen Episode 35

Julie then shows the houseguests a video of them running from the invisible rat, which prompts her to ask Cody about his fear of them. He says that rats have rabies and he doesn’t want to get bitten. Finally she asks Victoria about who’s the most messy houseguest. Victoria says Frankie and Caleb and then starts to give too much information about their dirty habits.

For the jury segment, Hayden, Jocasta, and Donny gather in the kitchen. They call Zach downstairs to give him a present for his birthday. He opens it and the pink hat returns. Hayden and Zach are playing ping-pong, while Jocasta and Donny watch. They discuss who they want to see enter the house. Zach says he wants to see Cody or Derrick. Hayden says anyone but Nicole, and then she surprises them. They’re all sad to see that her game has ended. However, she tells them that someone will be joining them soon because of the double eviction. They watch her DVD of the week, and Donny and Hayden both comment on how much they dislike Christine.

BB16-Jury Episode 35

Later, they discuss who they believe will enter the jury house next. Everyone agrees that they want Christine evicted next. Donny says that it can’t be her because he doesn’t hear her cackle. Then he imitates her laugh. Christine suddenly appears and everything gets awkward. No one is looking at or embracing her. They gather on the couch to watch her footage. Hayden and Donny both joke about her relationship with Cody. Donny even asks Christine if she has an attorney. All the jurors then discuss how good Derrick is at the game and how he had a hand in all of their evictions.

Julie notes that the Rewind button is about to expire. So she talks to the house and allows Victoria and Cody to give their final speeches. Cody talks about how the guys started this journey together and should end it that way. Victoria takes the time to continue her fake anger at Derrick by saying she doesn’t trust him anymore. Julie tells Derrick to go cast his vote, but an alarm goes off. She cuts away from the houseguests for a few moments, but then returns to explain the Rewind.

BB16-Rewind Ep 35

She tells them that this entire week is invalid and shows them a video of the whole week being rewinded to the last Head of Household competition. She then tells them that they will play the entire week again.

They begin the “Seed Saw” game. For this competition, players must climb through a fence, then travel on a shovel with seeds. They must place their seeds on the shovel head. If a seed falls off, or the player falls, they must start over. The first player to successfully transfer all their seeds to the shovel head, wins this week’s Head of Household competition. Unlike last week, everyone seems to be doing really well. The show ends with the competition still in play. [Get the spoilers on who won here.]

BB16-Dan Ep 35

Julie talks to Big Brother 10 winner Dan about Big Brother 16. He says how he’s surprised that none of the guys have turned on each other yet. But he thinks that Frankie realizes how big of a threat Derrick is and will go after him soon. Dan also discusses how Derrick is being called “the Dan Gheesling of Big Brother 16″. Dan says as a fan, he’s rooting for Derrick, but thinks Derrick will have trouble explaining his game in such a short time. He also comments that Frankie is playing a pretty good game as well, but he’s backing Derrick.

Julie also notes some major changes for the final two weeks of Big Brother 2014. She says that Sunday the Rewind twist will continue, and that the jurors will make a surprise visit to the house. She says that the Veto will be used on Tuesday and someone will get evicted. Then there will be another live eviction on Wednesday. There will also be a special episode on Friday.

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