Big Brother 19 Week 6 Alliances Updates: Raven and Matt Fall to the Bottom of Their Group

This week in the Big Brother 19 house, allegiances started to create a more firm foundation. We started to really see who was on whose side as the week turned into utter chaos. Josh Martinez started to see who he could really trust in the Big Brother game, and who wanted all the power for themselves this week.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and MAtt Clines

Expecting to be torn apart, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson finally started to work on making deals with other Big Brother 19 players. They weren’t the only ones trying to create some new allies, but overall, the week didn’t show any major shifts of trust, but a clear defining line within certain groups and duos.

Kevin Schlehuber worked on creating a temporary alliance with Cody. He wanted him on his side so that he could help protect Jason Dent, Alex Ow, and Paul Abrahamian. The alliance was good up until Cody and Jessica went off on Josh. This seemed to have crushed any hope of a new Jason, Alex, Cody, and Kevin alliance. Even if it was a real alliance, we didn’t expect it to last very long. If Cody doesn’t win Head of Household, then he’s going out after Jessica’s Thursday eviction.

Big Brother 19 Alliances Week 6
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Paul still has most of the players in his camp. However, he’s pulling himself closer to the Alex, Jason, and Kevin’s side. He has already been throwing Raven Walton and Matt Clines under the bus. Matt and Raven haven’t caught on yet that they’re near the bottom with Mark Jansen and Elena Davies in the huge house alliance.

Mark and Elena’s showmance has gained a little more steam as Elena remains on the block, and Mark continues his winning streak with the Power of Veto win. They may officially become a showmance duo once again. They also have a contingent alliance with Cody. They will throw him on the block if they win Head of Household. However, it is unlikely that Cody will go after them if he wins Head of Household.

Big Brother 19 MAtt Clines, Mark Jansen, Jason Dent, and Paul Abrahamian

Alex, Kevin, and Jason seem to be in the strongest spot at the moment. Everyone wants to form something with them. They can pick between any side, as Cody, Josh, and Paul all want them on their side. Alex wants to remain most loyal to Paul. Kevin and Jason as well, but they’re not opposed to having Cody join their team.

Christmas Abbott pulled Josh more towards her side this week. However, everyone else still isn’t completely on team Christmas. Christmas hurt her alliance with Josh some by using the Ring of Replacement, which really hurt his quest to evict Elena this week. However, the duo has patched things up.

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