Big Brother 15 New Twist Revealed: Most Valuable Player is You! Wait, What?

Big Brother MVPCBS Big Brother 2013 unveiled the show’s latest twist on Thursday night’s live eviction show. After revealing who was evicted on Big Brother 15 this week, host Julie Chen told viewers things would be a little bit different this time around when it comes to the Most Valuable Player vote. Right now, all the HouseGuests know is that they should “expect the unexpected” but they don’t know that the MVP power is now in the hands of the viewers, not a fellow HouseGuest.

So far on Big Brother 15, the Most Valuable Player vote has gone to Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa Slater, for three weeks in a row. Elissa has wielded that power to her advantage twice by helping to get her first MVP Nick evicted in week one, and nominating a pawn to go up in week 3 so she and her allies could get backdoor their chosen target. But apparently the third time is the last time Elissa will win MVP — at least for now.

Why did production suddenly change around the whole Big Brother Most Valuable player twist? Did they plan to do this all along, or did they make the decision based on what’s been happening in the game? (It wouldn’t be the first time we got a new twist thrown in to (cough) ‘steer’ things along a bit.)

Some are speculating that production really didn’t want Elissa to win again, especially with all the whining about how she is anything but an MVP. Others have been saying that this is a clear move to make sure Aaryn goes up on the block somehow so she and her offensive remarks can be ousted from the house. Right now, she’s not really the primary target for the powers in the house, so she might not end up nominated unless America does it. And if she DOES end up nominated by Head of Household Judd, then the MVP vote will revert to the person with the second highest votes. So no harm, no foul, right?

Who will America pick as the third nominee for eviction in week 4? Well, a lot of it depends on if enough people actually understand they are voting for someone they want to go up on the block — not the person they want as the next MVP! There was a lot of confusion on Twitter about this after the live eviction show and some people (even other fan sites) intentionally misleading followers to vote incorrectly. We won’t name names but there was quite a campaign out there to get people to mistakenly vote to put Elissa up on the block.

Hopefully the vast majority of people will know what they are supposed to be voting for, despite the far too tiny print clarifying this week’s voting method on the CBS Big Brother MVP voting page. They really should have changed up the page a bit or something else to make it more obvious that fans are supposed to vote for an eviction nominee, not a new MVP. Oh well.

So remember, when you go to vote at, YOU are the new Big Brother Most Valuable Player this week. Got it? Good! Go vote now! (And make sure to max out all ten of your votes.)


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