Big Brother 19 Week 6 Power Ranking–The Outcasts Stay At the Head of the Pack

Just when it seemed liked we were in for a slow Big Brother 19 week, the house explodes, once again, when Jessica and Cody  went at it with Josh. There’s never a dull moment in the Big Brother house. While some of the drama has been more cringe-worthy and uncomfortable than entertaining, there’s no denying that this Big Brother 2017 season has had more than it’s fair share of action.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow and Jason Dent

With the repositioning of the Big Brother 19 house, and Jessica almost definitely going home, the power rankings have once again shifted as we move forward to the sixth week of the season. Let’s start from the bottom as usual, and while positioning has shifted the usual suspects are still on the bottom.

12. Jessica – While there was a possibilty of Jessica swinging votes and Josh enacting his agenda to send Elena home, the explosive fight between her and Josh really washed those chances away. It would really take a miracle for her to survive this week. She has truly squandered her chances big time by being aggressive and not attempting to play nice with Josh and Christmas, who may have had her back. It’s a lost cause now though, there’s so many things she could’ve done to save herself; I expect her to have regrets after the Big Brother 19 season ends.

11. Cody – Cody is only above Jessica by default. He hasn’t done himself any favors, and while Kevin wants to work with him, he doesn’t seem to care. Next week Cody will have no allies. If he doesn’t win Head of Household, I don’t expect Cody to get any. His best chance is to blow the game wide open by gunning for Paul. If Cody does come into power, or win safety in the final Temptation Competition, he should stay focused on eliminating Paul, because it’s the best option for him to reposition himself a bit.

10. Mark – Mark has done some good and some bad this week. While I think he’s assimilated better and kind of distanced himself from Jessica and Cody, he is still being blamed for some of their actions. In the Big Brother house, perception is reality. During the blow-up, Mark was blamed for not stepping in when Josh was being “bullied.” He was similarly blamed for being the reason Raven is now nominated, since Mark used the Power of Veto on himself.  He just can’t do anything right in the eyes of Paul’s side. It might take some time and charisma for him to work into a position of relative safety. Otherwise, Mark is probably always going to be the alternative plan as long as Cody earns safety.

09. Raven – It’s amazing how much a few weeks can drastically change the perceptions in the house. Raven used to be one of the safest ones in there, but she’s getting on all of their nerves, and is going up on people’s target lists. Even Jason, Kevin and Alex, who had previously wanted to align with her and Matt, are over it. They have discussed putting them up. Christmas and Paul have had enough of Raven as well. Yesterday, the two of them discussed their issues with her victim behavior and attention seeking with Alex and Jason at length. If she and Matt end up targeted, Raven is likely to go just because none of them really care for her anymore. The houseguests don’t want to continue to live with her. Sometimes that’s all it comes down to ultimately, and it very well might for Raven.

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies

08. Elena – Things did not look good for Elena just a few days ago, but by Jessica blowing up at Josh made her chances of surviving this week skyrocket. And while Josh and Christmas see the game she’s playing, Elena is likely to take a backseat to other targets, especially if the big alliance implodes and begins to target each other. She just needs to stay calm and quiet to ride out the storm. It wouldn’t hurt if maybe she planted seeds, but her credability isn’t extremely high at this point. Elena just needs a few weeks to reposition herself, and then I believe that she’ll be able to go deep, especially if Paul feels she’s someone he should keep in the game.

07. Josh – While Josh is the class clown, house pet, or whatever you might want to call him, nobody is worried about targeting him. That said, he’s expendable to everyone, except maybe Paul and Christmas. Josh could easily be sitting beside someone who is more well-liked and go home. Cody seems to have bigger fish to fry if he comes into power. However, if Josh continues to push his buttons, he could end up aggravating Cody enough to be his target. His Head of Household week coming to a close is probably good for him, so that he can go beneath the radar. Josh is just someone who can’t help but be Josh and in the spotlight. Therefore, he’ll never truly fade into the background.

06. Matt – Matt’s name is surfacing more as a target. He’s not pissing anyone off, but Matt is not really close with anyone other than Raven. He’s as expendable as Josh, if not more so, but his calm demeanor could keep Matt around. Ironically, Paul sees him as a personal threat, though he appears to be pretty solidly in his corner. Matt also might benefit from Raven grating on people’s nerves. It would be nice to see him on the block and finally having to play the game for a change, because so far he’s done zilch.

05. Christmas – Maybe it’s the medication, but Christmas can be so up and down. She does some great work, planting her seeds as she does with Josh and Kevin in particular, but then she takes a step back, and does something erratic and makes people think about taking her out sooner rather than later. While Christmas is no one’s immediate target, he occasionally being edgy alienates people; it has from time to time made people mad. Fortunately for Christmas, she’s good at reeling people back on her side. She’s done it with many of the houseguests, and can continue to do so. Really, the story of the season might come down to Christmas versus Paul, and which can strike the other first. Paul doesn’t seem to know that Christmas is onto him, so for now she has the leg up. However, he is better protected at the moment. Christmas can stall her time, but soon it will really be time to go to work.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

04. Kevin – While Kevin is still in a great spot, and won’t go anywhere anytime soon, he’s doing things that he shouldn’t be doing. The deal he wanted to make with Cody was unecessary and did nothing but make his allies and Cody a bit nervous. If it comes out that Kevin presented this, it’s not going to be a great look. However, they all adore Kevin and it’s hard to see anyway that he gets voted out in the near future. In fact, he might be a good pawn to go up against Paul if they really want to see him go. Kevin just needs to take a step back and be the lovable character and not the strategic mastermind, for now.

03. Alex – Alex is pretty solid right now, with Paul protecting her and her strong relationship with Kevin and Jason. In addition, Alex has gotten in closer to Christmas and Josh too. At the start of the week, she got into it with Mark, and by proxy Elena, but she managed to erase that. They probably won’t remembered this disagreement down the road. Alex was so vulnerable early in the game, but she’s really done good work getting into a solid position through strong relationships and competition wins. With the right moves at the right times, Alex can take this thing, but she needs to start seeing that Paul has his hand in every cookie jar.

02. Paul – Without being in power this week, Paul has been able to take a step back from the role of head honcho, yet he’s still been quietly controlling things. Unfortunately for Paul, others are beginning to see it. Christmas and Josh, who previously seemed very solidly in his corner, have expressed concerns. Kevin and Jason had in previous weeks, but seem more solid now. People just need to connect the dots and communicate their thoughts to one another and Paul can get got, but it’s easier said than done, especially with these timid houseguests. Perhaps the jury starting soon will lead to them playing more aggressively, but for now Paul is still steering the ship, whether we like it or not.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

01. Jason – Color me surprised, but it’s hard to disagree that Jason is one of the safest players in there. They all seem to like him and nobody sees Jason as a threat right now. I’m not sure if he’s done much to get there other than be himself, and not alienate people, but it’s hard to argue that his social game has been good. He is primed to go  far in the Big Brother game. He does what Alex says and that could ultimately lead to him going home or being viewed as a lesser player in the end, but for now it’s better for Jason to be seen as the beta in that relationship for his longevity.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s power rankings. Let us know what you think, and give us your own take on who’s safe and who’s at risk next week.

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