Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 62: Christie Casts a Spotlight on Nick

The previous Big Brother 21 night, Analyse Talavera, Tommy Bracco, and Christie Murphy worked to keep her in the game. They made an attempt to get the Six Shooters back together, while throwing anyone they needed to under the bus. For a moment, Christie hoped that it might work and Jackson Michie would take her off the block. Unfortunately for Christie, he was a man on a mission and that mission included taking out Christie this week.

Once Jackson did not use the Veto, he went to work on assuring that Tommy didn’t take it personal, and he planned to talk to Analyse, to try to get her back on Holly Allen and his side. Analyse would be harder to win over because she kept saying she felt lost with Christie leaving the game, and she didn’t want to be around Jackson and Holly.

Later, Tommy and Anakyse discussed having to be fake nice to Jackson and Holly, but Analyse mentioned that they would definitely be her targets next week. Tommy seems more on board now for targeting them as well. He told Jackson that he understood the move against Christie, but definitely knows that this hurts his game moving forward. He spoke about talking to Cliff Hogg III to form a new alliance with him. He said that  he feared Cliff but respected his game.

Also after the Veto Ceremony, Christie told Analyse that she wouldn’t campaign against her, but then once she had some time to think about it, she decided to. Most of Christie’s campaign revolved around throwing Nick Maccarone under the bus to anyone who would listen. She believed he had a final two deal with Jackson, and that he was playing the whole house. She wanted to expose it. She told Analyse and Tommy, and Analyse confronted Nick about it. He was hurt that they still don’t trust him, but after talking to Tommy, Analyse decided she trusted Nick. They blamed Jessica Milagros for Christie’s anti-Nick campaign.

Eventually Christie and Nick talked it out, but Christie is still likely to throw him in front of the bus all week.

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