Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 61: Analyse and Christie Try to Get Jess on the Block

It was a bit more action this Sunday night than we have come to expect on Big Brother. Christie Murphy really wants to stay in the house, and Analyse Talavera wants her to stay even more. As per the Big Brother 21 way, the Big Brother block buddies tried to reform the Six with Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco, themselves, and this time Nick Maccarone, so like Gr8ful but with just six people this time.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 61-5

In their effort to keep Christie in the house and repair the Six, Analyse and Christie hashed out things with Holly and Jackson, mainly Holly. It was basically conversations that involved discussing what had been said, being hurt that Holly didn’t warn Analyse about her nominations, lies, and blaming Jessica Milagros for saying too much and twisting conversations.

This talk, probably until today’s Veto Ceremony, seemed to repair (even if just a little) Holly’s relationship with Analyse and Christie, especially Analyse. The second part of Analyse and Christie’s plan to save Christie involved trying to convince Jackson to remove one of the initial nominees from the block and nominate Jess. Jackson considered it, because Holly and him realized that they didn’t have Jess, and she was definitely using things they said against them, while also kissing their butts, and Christie and Analyse’s butts. However, Holly quickly shut down the idea of nominating Jess because it would for sure led to her eviction, instead of Christie’s eviction. Later, Analyse wanted to try even harder to get Jess out of the game. She asked Tommy and Nick to help throw Jess under the bus to Holly and Jackson.

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Nick was  very much on board with this nominate Jess plan because she had become his main target. He didn’t like that his name was being tossed around by her. He planned to make a move against her if he won Head of Household next week, he just couldn’t decide who to nominate next to her as a pawn. Earlier in the day, Tommy and him discussed not wanting to be the ones to take out Jackson or Holly, but the showmance was dangerous. They also discussed keeping Nicole Anthony around as long as possible, and they didn’t mind going to the end with her.

Cliff Hogg III and Tommy both worried about being each other’s target. They both mentioned needing to have a talk with each other to make some sort of deal.

Later, Tommy and Analyse make their big pitch to Jackson and Holly, even throwing Nick under the bus. It doesn’t work nearly as well as they believe, and Jackson still has no plan to use the Veto. Also oblivious Jess, wants Christie to stay and tells her to pitch for Nick to go up. Hearing that Jess is so team Christie, Christie doesn’t want to push so hard for Jess to hit the block.

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