Big Brother Over the Top Recap: Live Weekly Show

Big Brother: Over the Top (BBOTT) will air tonight on CBS All Access and feature the first official live episode recapping the week’s events airing at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT). Following the “Weekly Full Episode”, a live eviction show follows scheduled to air at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT), and the new Head of Household (HOH) competition follows the live eviction show giving Big Brother fans three full hours of excitement tonight!

Big Brother Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother: Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

According to CBS, viewers should be prepared for the live eviction vote to potentially occur a little earlier than the slated 11 PM ET if the weekly show does not last a full hour.  We will be here bringing you all of the live action as it happens so you will not miss any of the exciting action on tonight’s shows.

Don’t forget that BBOTT will air entirely on CBS All Access including 24/7 access to Live Feeds.  Once you are signed up for All Access, you can view BBOTT on any mobile device, PC, Mac, or streamed to your television using any platform carrying the CBS app such as Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, etc.  Get your free trail now to start watching tonight.

The live eviction tonight should be quite exciting after the events this week leading up to the show this evening.  Cornbread Ligion, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Danielle Lickey are all on the block for eviction this evening.


Jason Roy pulled a fast one after being the primary target for eviction this week when he won the Power of Veto (POV) competition and took himself off the block.  This left the HOH, Monte Massongill, will the task of nominating a replacement to the block.  His replacement choice was Kryssie Ridolfi.  Cornbread ended up on the block by America’s vote making him the third houseguest (HG) to potentially be the first evicted on BBOTT tonight.

The first weekly full episode is underway.  The show starts with a review of all of the HGs coming into the house last Wednesday evening.  Nothing too exciting here.

The HGs settle down in the living room and begin to get acquainted with one another by introducing themselves to each other.  Of course, all of the girls are already noticing Monte’s looks and starting to drool in his direction.

Interestingly, Shelby decides to hide the fact that she recently graduated from law school and wants to play down the “smart” thing.  We also have the sisters, Alex and Morgan, who are also hiding part of their identity.  The sisters have decided to play their own separate game without letting the other HGs know they are related.

Julie Chen announces the first twist of BBOTT which is that there is no jury this season.  This means that America will vote and ultimately decide who deserves to win this season of Big Brother.

Jason Roy decides to take some time to go over the board of HGs and notices that Alex and Morgan have the same identical face. He doesn’t keep this information to himself and shares his thoughts with Danielle and Justin.  This is right around the same time Alex screws up and calls her sister “Mo” instead of her full name, Morgan.  They could be in some real trouble with hiding their relationship to one another.

Cornbread, Scott, Monte, and Shane start talks about the first alliance in the house.  They all agree to ‘pump the brakes’ a bit as it is very early in the game.

The announcement comes across that the first HOH competition has begun, and a blue potion is on the table.  The bottle is labeled that only one person can drink it.  Shane doesn’t waste much time before drinking the concoction.  As soon as he drinks it, he is called into the Diary Room.

Once Shane comes out of the DR, he announces that he has been infected with the Big Brother Bug.  He has been given the bug necklace and t-shirt and has been instructed that when the alarm sounds, he must chose another HG to infect.  This will continue for the next 24 hours until there is only one HG left standing that has not been infected with the bug.



There are only 3 HGs left that have not been infected with the bug so far and they are Alex, Monte and Whitney.  Whitney is infected and decides to infect Alex thereby making Monte the first HOH for the season.

Jason is nervous right off the bat about being Monte’s target for eviction this week as the only veteran player this season.  His plan is to get close to Monte in hopes that he does not want to nominate him for eviction.

Julie Chen comes back in with another announcement for the HGs.  She describes the Safety ceremony whereas the HOH will select five safe HGs one evening and then selects an additional five safe HGs the following evening.  The two HGs that are not selected as “safe” will be the first two selected for eviction.  The players are notified they are safe by their necklaces glowing a safety green color.



The first five HGs to be indicated as safe are Cornbread, Neeley, Whitney, Shane, Morgan.  The next round of the Safety ceremony gives safety to Justin, Kryssie, Shelby, Scott, and Alex.  As a result, the two HGs that are on the Block for eviction are Danielle and Jason.  Both HGs now must rely on the POV competition to take themselves off the Block and forcing Monte to nominate a replacement nominee in their place.

Julie Chen joins the HGs on the screen in the living room to inform them about the new twist for the HGs.  America will be voting for a third person to be nominated to the block for eviction.  The first vote for the third member on the block is Cornbread.

Player tokens will be drawn to decide which HGs will play in the POV competition.  Monte, Danielle, Cornbread, and Jason are automatically players in the competition as they are the current HOH and nominees on the block.  Two additional players will be chosen at random to participate in the comp, and they are Whitney and Alex.


The POV competition has begun and is called Veto Vault.  The players must figure out a four-digit code to win, and there are clues around the house that will reveal the digits to use in the code.


After only about 30 minutes of game play, Jason Roy picks the correct 4-digit number as 2449 and has won the POV.  Jason was able to pull off a win even though it was obvious that some of the other HGs were working together in the competition by sharing numbers they had already tried.  This makes the win that much more impressive for Jason.

Jason will certainly remove himself from the block for eviction.  This will leave Monte with the task of nominating a replacement to the block.  Monte’s initial thoughts are that the person he nominates as the replacement should be the HG that is his target to be evicted the first week on BBOTT.

At the Veto ceremony, Jason did take himself off the block for eviction.  Monte nominates Kryssie to the block as his replacement.  Kryssie is not surprised by the nomination and thinks the house has been against her from the beginning because of her strong personality.  She claims to go out with guns blazing if she’s the first HG to be evicted.

Julie has another game changer for the HGs.  Each week there will be an online vote for which HG America wants to evict.  America will cast one eviction vote each week, but this will not be revealed to the HGs.  So not only does America get to nominate a HG to the block for eviction, they also get one vote toward the eviction.

The live eviction ceremony is beginning now.  Cornbread has enough votes and will be the first HG to be evicted on Big Brother: Over the Top.  The final vote was 9-1.


All of the HGs, except Alex, voted to evict Cornbread.  She admitted in the Diary Room that she was going to cast her vote for Danielle to create paranoia in the house.  Her plan worked as Danielle was already questioning why America did not like her as soon as the eviction ceremony was over.  America voted to evict Cornbread as well.

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