Big Brother Spoilers: Week 5 Head of Household Results! 7/24/2014

With every week on Big Brother 2014 ending with a predictable vote (and often unanimous), the real excitement on Thursday nights is not the live eviction, but it is the new HoH competition on Big Brother 16 and finding out the two new Heads of Household for Week 5 on Big Brother 2014. Check out the details from tonight’s HoH competition below in our Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother 16 July 17 2014 3


Of all the weeks in the Big Brother 2014 house, this was the week where we truly wanted to see some new blood up in that HoH room and someone that won’t go along with whatever the power alliance wants them to do. We wanted to see Donny win or maybe even Hayden, but he might be easily swayed to do what Derrick says. We needed a non-Detonator as one (or both) of the HoHs for Week 5 and the Big Brother Live Feeds would be a blast to watch all week.

So, did that happen? Not so much! The competition was called “Country Hits” and the contestants went up against each other in pairs and listened to songs that represented either a PoV, BOB or HoH competition from this season. Get it right and move on and other HG is eliminated. Get it wrong and you are eliminated. Final two HGs standing are the Heads of Household. Here are how the rounds went:

Round 1 – Christine is correct, so Hayden is eliminated

Round 2 – Donny is correct, so Jocasta is eliminated!

Round 3 – Frankie is correct, so Caleb is eliminated

Round 4 – Amber is correct, so Victoria is eliminated

Round 5 – Derrick is correct, so Donny is eliminated (DANG IT)!!!

Round 6 – Zach is correct, so Nicole is eliminated

Round 7 – Christine is correct, so Amber is eliminated

Round 8 – Frankie is correct, so Derrick is eliminated (Derrick didn’t try and let Frankie win and get to see a picture of his grandpa). Frankie is the first HoH of Week 5.

Final Round – Zach is correct and he is the second HoH for Week 5. He could make it interesting!!!

Your two new HoHs for Week 5 are Frankie and Zach (the lovebirds)! So, maybe a backdoor of Caleb this week???

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