Big Brother 24 Recap Episode 3: Will The Veto Shake Up The Game?

Daniel Durston is the first Big Brother 24 Head of Household (HOH) of the summer, but his reign doesn’t necessarily hold all of the power in the house this week. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli randomly selected the Backstage Pass Boss during the premiere and was instructed to pick three houseguests to join him. His choices were Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, and Paloma Aguilar.

BB24 Daniel Durston

Daniel nominated Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner to the block for eviction this week. He shared with us that Michael was his primary target because he suspected him to be a Big Brother super fan. Tonight, the Power of Veto (POV) will play out as Terrance and Michael try to save their game.

Week One Big Brother 24 Twist

All of the backstage pass holders, Pooch, Alyssa, Brittany, and Paloma are not permitted to compete in any competitions or be nominated for eviction, but only Pooch was told he was safe from going home this week. That twist should play out soon as well as America’s vote to save one of Pooch’s backstage picks.

Big Brother 24 First Large Alliance

The first large group alliance has formed inside the Big Brother 24 house. This group has 6 members, and they are all females aptly names Girls, Girls. The group includes all three backstage pass holders, Paloma, Brittany, and Alyssa as well as Ameerah Jones, Indy Santos, and Jasmine Davis. The two Big Brother 24 females excluded from this alliance are Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale.

The Girls, Girls alliance is thrilled that none of them is the target for eviction this week. That doesn’t mean they cannot go home, however. We have yet to see how the twist will play out where America voted to save one of the three backstage pass holders nominated by Pooch.

Big Brother 24 Week One Block Nominations

As previously mentioned, this week Michael and Terrance are sitting on the block for eviction, at the moment. We all know that can change for more than one reason including the unknown twist.

Terrance spoke with Daniel and was assured he is not the target for eviction this week. Terrance believes Daniel.

Big Brother 24 Daniel and Michael

Michael also spoke with Daniel, but he is the target this week. Daniel doesn’t trust Michael for some unknown reason but primarily because he is a fellow super fan of the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 24 Week One Power of Veto Competition

As customary, the block nominations and the current HOH will compete in the POV this week. The Backstage Boss and pass holders are not eligible to compete. By random draw, Indy Santos, Matt Turner, and Ameerah were chosen to join the POV competition this week.

The Big Brother 24 backyard was transformed into medieval times, and this competition is called Red Fest. There will be a series of head-to-bouts. Each competitor will try and collect the most rings on their floppy lance. Each ring is worth one point, and the final gold ring is worth 3 points.

Each head-to-head match-up will include 3 passes down the lane to collect rings. During each battle, the knight with the most points stays in the competition while the other is eliminated. The last knight standing after 5 rounds wins the golden power of veto.

Big Brother 24 Micael Bruner

After several rounds and various eliminations, the POV competition is down to just Ameerah and Michael left to compete for victory. Both are exceptionally good at this competition. They will face off against one another in 3 rounds and the winner receives the POV. Michael needs this win to save his game.

After two of the three rounds, Ameerah and Michael are tied. In the final round, they tied once again and forced a sudden death round. In one last attempt, Michael claimed victory by capturing one more ring than Ameerah in the sudden death round. He won the golden power of veto, which he certainly will use to take himself off the block.

The Big Brother 24 Females Turn Against One Another

As soon as Michael won the POV, the Big Brother 24 house started speculating as to who Daniel was going to put up on the block for eviction in Michael’s place. Paloma began targeting Taylor, who is not in her Girls, Girls alliance.

Taylor told Monte Taylor that Paloma was worried the guys were going to specifically target the girls in the Big Brother 24 house. Monte found that hard to believe because he is close to Paloma. Monte went to Paloma and shared the info that Taylor had told him about Paloma.

Paloma turned this around and started telling everyone that Taylor told Monte that Paloma was targeting him for eviction. This info did not sit well with Paloma, and she took it as a threat against her game. Paloma called Taylor a snake to Monte and Joseph Abdin. They both bought into Paloma’s lies.

Now, everyone in the Big Brother 24 house thinks Taylor is a liar and is concerned about all these alpha males in the house. That could not be further from the truth. It was Paloma that was worried about the guys taking over the house.

Monte had a long talk with HOH Daniel and his ride-or-die Nicole. They agree that parts of the story don’t add up, but they also know they need to make the majority of the house happy. All the while, Taylor is alone in the Big Brother 24 bathroom by herself crying because of the way she has been treated by Paloma.

Big Brother 245 Taylor Hale

Big Brother 24 Week One Power Of Veto Ceremony

As expected, Michael used the POV to take himself off the block. In response, Daniel had to name a new houseguest to replace his nominee. Paloma’s lies to everyone about Taylor worked, and the replacement nominee was Taylor. Daniel explained that she was saying things to rub the house the wrong way. Daniel suggested that she apologize to try and stay in the Big Brother 24 house.

Join us again tomorrow night 7/14/22 at 9 PM EST for the live eviction vote. Will Terrance or Taylor be evicted, or will one of the backstage pass holders, Alyssa, Paloma, or Brittany, face eviction instead with the twist?  Find out tomorrow night right here with Big Brother Access.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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