Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 6 Block Nominations (08/13/21)

Kyland Young has become the first person of Big Brother 23 to win two Head of Household Competitions. This should have been a time for celebration, especially for the Cookout, because it means once again the power is in their control. However, not so fast Big Brother fans. Instead, this week has already started off with high tension. Azah Awasum and Tiffany Mitchell were upset that Kyland won Head of Household. 

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Azah was upset because she thinks this means that Britini D’Angelo is on her way out of the Big Brother 23 doors. Tiffany is upset because she wanted to take out Kyland’s close ally Sarah Beth Steagall this week, and she wanted to have the Head of Household to see some pictures of her son.

Kyland was supposed to throw the Head of Household to another member of the Cookout, and he claims he tried to do that. He just didn’t want Azah to win the Head of Household. He wanted it to be Tiffany or Xavier Prather. Xavier also threw the Head of Household. Kyland tried to throw it to Tiffany, but Tiff answered too fast and picked the wrong answer. 

Now The Cookout has a complicated week. It is very unlikely that Kyland goes after Sarah Beth, and Azah isn’t going to want Britini gone and Tiffany isn’t going to want Claire Rehfuss gone and those two are Kyland’s likely targets.

This week is also complicated because it’s the first week with the new Big Brother High Roller’s Room twist added. This twist could completely mess up Kyland’s nominations or plan to evict either Claire or Britini this week. Overnight, apparently, Derek Fraiser volunteered to go up as a pawn. Kyland has also been telling Claire that he wants to use her as a pawn and backdoor someone (possibly Alyssa) 



Kyland nominated Claire and Derek F for eviction.


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