Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Week 3 Big Brother 15 Most Valuable Player Revealed!

Big Brother MVPThe Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Most Valuable Player leaked on the Big Brother Live Feeds last night. The new MVP twist for Big Brother 2013 has proven to be an exciting wrench into the usual game mechanics and we can’t wait to see how their power is wielded for the next eviction.

Usually we think most production twists are rather lame but we’re actually kind of fond of the whole CBS Big Brother Most Valuable Player thing. It’s a great way to get America directly involved by voting, while still leaving the decisions about who to put on the block up to the players themselves. (We would hate America having that power directly, it would totally change the game in terrible ways.) Plus, as host Julie Chen promised, it has greatly reduced boring floaters in the house this season.

So who will be throwing their MVP power around this week? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out who will have the power to nominate a third person for eviction this week.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers about game play inside the house that has not yet been shown on the CBS Big Brother 15 prime time show. Proceed at your own risk.

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Big Brother 15, Week 3 Most Valuable Player”]

To absolutely no one’s surprise at all, Elissa Slater was voted by America as the Most Valuable Player for the third week in a row. Personally, we did not vote for her and would love to see someone else get the power just for the fun of it, and because everyone expects her to get it. So when/if she doesn’t, it will be a whole new level of fun. Rachel Reilly fans are legion and it is going to be difficult for any of the other HouseGuests to beat her.

Big Brother MVP Elissa

There is hope, however, fan polls for the MVP this week did show a significant drop in her support. So if another of the fan favorite Big Brother 15 cast members plays a seriously great game for the next couple of weeks — it is possible she could be usurped. Especially if she doesn’t step up with some awesome game moves herself.

Meanwhile, McCrae is lying to the other HouseGuests and saying that he won MVP and is going to put up Howard. We’re not sure how many people actually believe him though.


What do you think of America’s choice for the Big Brother Most Valuable Player this week? Who do you want to see win the MVP power next week?


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