Big Brother 19 Battle Back: Who Do You Want to See Return (POLL)?

Tonight Big Brother 19 airs the Battle Back competition. All season, we have speculated about whether we’d see one this year. When Cameron Heard got evicted on the first night, and then disappeared from the Big Brother world, we knew something suspicious was going on with the evicted players.

Big Brother 19 Jillian Parker, Cameron Heard, Dominique Cooper, Cody Nickson and Julie Chen

It wasn’t until Cody Nickson’s eviction that host Julie Chen let us know that there would be a Battle Back competition. She informed viewers that Cameron, Jillian Parker, Cody, and this week’s evictee, Dominique Cooper, would face off in three different rounds for a chance to reenter the Big Brother 19 house. However, there would be a twist where the current Big Brother 19 houseguests would get a chance to stop the player from reentering the game.

As we head into tonight’s Battle Back competition, let’s look at the pros and cons with each player possibly rejoining the Big Brother 19 game.

Cameron Heard

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen and Cameron Heard

Pros: Cameron left the game on night 1, so players do not know exactly what to expect from him. This may make it easier for him to infiltrate the current game and go farther than any of the other early Big Brother 19 evictees. Also, Cameron got the worst deal on Big Brother, because he was evicted on night one and did not really get a shot to play the game.

Cons: No one knows Cameron, so it would be easy for them to just get him right back out the Big Brother 19 game. We don’t see him creating that much entertainment or drama with his reentry.

Jillian Parker

Big Brother 19 Jillian Parker

Pros: Jillian is inoffensive enough where she can easily blend back in with the Big Brother 19 houseguests. She could also become an ally for Ramses Soto, who desperately needs one. We see people trying to pick up Jillian as a number.

Cons: Is Jillian really going to make an impact on the game? No. If anything, she’s just going to become the new pawn star of the season, until the houseguests decide to get her out again, but this time it probably won’t be until far into the Big Brother 19 game.

Cody Nickson

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen and Cody Nickson

Pros: Cody will make more maverick moves. He’ll create drama, and probably seek revenge on at least Mark Jansen and Matt Clines. You can expect Cody to create waves in his short time in the Big Brother 19 house. Additionally, Cody is good at competitions, so he at least has a shot of making a difference in the game.

Cons: Cody has no chance of winning Big Brother 19. He might stay an extra week or two, three max. Do we really want someone who will just be eliminated again? Additionally, Jessica Graf’s game has improved immensely without Cody. His return can only hurt her game. Also Cody told everyone he wanted to work with Paul Abrahamian upon returning to the game. Sorry Cody, Paul has enough minions, we don’t want to see anymore.

Dominique Cooper

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen and Dominique Cooper

Pros: Dominique is a smart, capable player who may be able to wake a few Big Brother 19 players up and get them to start playing the game. If Dominique can get a few allies on her side, she might be a good contender to take out Paul.

Cons: Dominique didn’t fight much for her life when she was on the block. We’re not too sure if she would return and really try to make people see Paul’s snake ways. We also haven’t seen anything to indicate that Dominique will be good at physical competitions. She might be great at mental ones, but the earlier comps favor the physically fit. So if Dominique can’t win competitions, she’ll be someone easy to get out sooner rather than later.

So who do you want to see win tonight’s Big Brother 19 Battle Back Showdown? Vote below!

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