Big Brother 15 Racism Controversy In GIFs: Aaryn Deserved Her Sour Milk Bath

Who doesn’t love a slew of awesome Big Brother GIFs? Especially when they mock the ridiculous behavior of some of the HouseGuests who have caused a huge Big Brother 15 racism controversy to explode all over the press? Our favorite this week, we have to say, is lead potty mouth poster child and Big Brother 2013 cast member Aaryn Gries getting doused repeatedly with stinky, sour milk by fellow hamster Howard — very, very intentionally.

7-10-2013 10-33-42 AM

We were sad when GIFs fell out of favor a while back and pleased as punch when they recently became new and beloved once again. Of course, the Big Brother GIFs fans out there never stopped making them for diehards to enjoy, even when they weren’t fashionable. Now that GIFs are back in the limelight once more, they’ve turned into a mass form of social commentary. In this case, it’s all about those Big Brother 15 cast members who just can’t seem to stop saying things that are horribly offensive even for a single day.

We’ll just let these three speak for themselves.

The answer to your question below, Judd, is that no, apparently quite a few HouseGuests don’t get that.

And here is an example of one of those HouseGuests not giving a f**k..

But all things come back around in time…

And payback is a b*itch.

What Aaryn is maybe wishing she had done this week instead…


Please note that we did not make any of these Big Brother 15 GIFs. We just found them on great Tumblr Big Brother GIFs feeds. Why? Because although we love them and get a kick out of finding and sharing them, we suck at making them. We could learn how to do them better… but frankly, ‘ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat’ over here. We’re far too busy trying to bring you all the Big Brother spoilers, gossip and recaps from the show!

(Our mass appreciation to everyone that does have time to make these awesome Big Brother GIFs.)

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