Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Won the Power of Veto For Week 3? 7/18/2013

Big-Brother-Power-of-Veto1On CBS Big Brother 15 tonight, who won the Power of Veto Competition could shake up everyone’s plans for eviction this week. Did the PoV winner use their power to take someone off the block, forcing a new eviction nominee to be chosen? Or did they abstain from changing things up? If you just can’t wait until the show, find out what hapepned in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers on the PoV Winner and PoV Ceremony results!

Going into the Power of Veto Competition tonight, it was vital for Head of Household Helen’s plan to backdoor Jeremy that she or one of her allies win the challenge. The biggest threat to the scheme to oust Jeremy was Kaitlin, who had stated at one point that she might not use the Power of Veto if she gained it — knowing that Helen would nominate showmance boyfriend Jeremy if she did.

Before the Power of Veto Competition, third time in a row Most Valuable Player winner Elissa Slater anonymously chose the third person to face eviction this week. Collaborating with Helen, McCrae and all their allies, she chose to put up Spencer. To hide Elissa winning MVP yet again, McCrae lied and told people he won the Big Brother Most Valuable Player for week 3 — although not everyone believed him.

The Power of Veto Competition players this week were eviction nominees Spencer, Jeremy and Aaryn, Head of Household Helen, and randomly selected players Candice and GinaMarie. If Candice won, she would go with Helen’s plan. If GinaMarie won, she would save Aaryn from the block. So Kaitlin winning and not using the PoV was the big issue for the HoH, MVP and their allies.

After a grueling Power of Veto Competition that left us hanging for five hours on the Big Brother Live Feeds on challenge day, we finally learned that the worst scenario for Helen had happened — Kaitlin won the PoV. Helen immediately went after Kaitlin to make sure she used the PoV, telling her that if she didn’t, she might well be the one going home this week.

Although Kaitlin waffled a bit, in the end she did not have the bravery to defy Helen. At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Kaitlin used the PoV to take herself off the block. HoH Helen immediately nominated Jeremy to replace her on the block, effectively backdooring him 90 percent of the way out the door. It will take a last minute miracle of major vote switching to save Jeremy from getting evicted this week. However, this is Big Brother. Anything and everything can happen in 24 hours!

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