Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Morning Report — 7/17/2013

On the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds last night, Head of Household Helen found herself in hot water with her alliance mates after spilling way too information to an enemy in the house. Will Helen’s gaff cause a rift in the alliance that may put her up on the block sooner rather than later? Plus, we have Big Brother spoilers on what’s going on with the vote campaigning in the house and whether or not another vote flip might be in the works!

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WARNING: This report from the CBS Big Brother Live Feeds contains information and Big Brother 2013 spoilers on game play, alliances, etc. that have not yet been aired on the network prime time show. Proceed at your own risk.

12:00 AM BBT: McCrae is so desperate for money that he says if there was a competition to suck someone’s dick for $1000, he would do it. Amanda is like, you said that in front of a lot of people. He doesn’t care. Meanwhile, GinaMarie is kind of being bitchy because apparently Nick told other HouseGuests he went to Yale but never told her. Not as close to him as you think, hmmm, GM?

7-17-2013 11-06-35 AM12:25 AM BBT: Jeremy gets all personal and touchy-feely telling Helen, Elissa and Candice about his rough childhood and his dad using him as a punching nice. At this particular moment just feels like a cheesy campaign move. When he leaves, the ladies wonder if he was lying. Meanwhile, Kaitlin, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd talk in the cockpit and joke that they should make a six person alliance called the “F**king C**ts.”

12:30 AM BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn to stop worrying about the eviction. She’s totally safe. Aaryn is still worried.

12:40 AM BBT: Jeremy tells Kaitlin he thinks he has a good chance at getting enough votes to stay. She says that if he goes home, it will be a lot because of Aaryn. She says that McCrae and Amanda have stated they will throw the next HoH to her if they can. Jeremy asks Kaitlin to do some campaigning on his part. He wants her to tell Helen and her allies that Aaryn can’t be trusted to work with anyone based on what she’s said but he would totally be willing to do as they tell him if he is saved.

12:55 AM BBT: Helen tells McCrae that Jeremy kind of said that he had his and Amanda’s support to switch the vote.

7-17-2013 11-07-47 AM1:00 AM BBT: Andy, McCrae and Amanda chastise Helen in the HoH about revealing their alliance to Jeremy. Helen feels pretty badly about it. Amanda says she tried to hoodwink Jeremy and distract him by saying they weren’t protecting Helen, even if she was protecting them.

1:30 AM BBT: Sex talk with McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, Spencer and Kaitlin. Judd jokes that he walked in on Aaryn masturbating in the bathroom. Kaitlin doesn’t care a bit if people see her. Judd and Aaryn joke about his “albino anaconda.” They actually discuss beaching their butts, butt sex, drinking toilet water and choking people while having sex. Jeremy apparently doesn’t know what the word asexual means when Aaryn jokes that Kaitlin is “asexual.” He thinks it means she likes girls too. These people are freaks.

2:10 AM BBT: Judd wants to know if there is a final four deal going on between Helen, Elissa, Andy and Kaitlin. Helen and Elissa tell him no, there is no such deal happening. Not like they would tell him if there was, of course. Judd says Jeremy thinks he could have the votes to stay but Helen and Elissa tell him that is not going to happen. They talk about working to get Howard out soon and the house wants him out. Helen and Elissa want Aaryn out next. Judd says he heard there was an all girls alliance from Jeremy. Elissa blows it off. Judd really wants to make sure GinaMarie doesn’t get in the jury because he thinks she will never vote for him.

7-17-2013 11-08-56 AM3:25 AM BBT: McCrae and Spencer count votes. For some reason Spencer is concerned. He’s really the last person who should be at this particular eviction.

4:20 AM BBT: Amanda and Judd smack talk about Howard and how he uses his religion as a game tactic. Amanda mocks Howard by saying he’s not a strong, black, Christian man, he’s a “weak, black, Christian woman.” She says that if someone even says there is a lovely black couch, Howard would act offended about it. Then she says they better not make her look like a racist because she’s so not at all racist. Judd says he isn’t either.

4:30 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda get busy under the blankets in the Lounge.


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