Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Late Night Report — 7/16/2013

In our Big Brother spoilers from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds last night, we finally had some real campaigning going on in advance of this week’s eviction. It’s about time! For a while there we were wondering if the main target this week was really going to put in an effort at all, or just accept the inevitable. Did they manage to actually make any headway in flipping the vote? Read on in our Big Brother 15 spoilers report from the Live Feeds to find out!

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WARNING: The following post contains various Big Brother 2013 spoilers from the CBS Big Brother Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the prime time television show. Please do not continue on if this is information you do not wish to know. You have been thoroughly warned!

6:20 PM BBT: Jeremy has finally decided to get into serious campaigning but it all looks kind of too little, too late. He works Andy and tells him that if they save him, it would be a “big move” and he, Kaitlin and Aaryn would never put Andy up. He’s not really getting anything out of ninja Andy. Meanwhile, Aaryn is trying to get Amanda and McCrae see how they should keep Jeremy instead of Spencer. Amanda is like, no. Just no. She says it is so not going to happen. McCrae says Jeremy is too much of a threat and getting rid of him later would be next to impossible. He says the more she tries to keep working to keep Jeremy, the more she is looking like a target. Also, she needs to shut up about McCrae lying about being MVP this week. It’s over and done and nobody cares now.

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6:30 PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae they could use Aaryn but McCrae says no way, she can’t be trusted at all. He says she is a compulsive liar. Andy goes over to Amanda and McCrae and tells them all about his little chat with Jeremy. Andy thinks it is funny that Jeremy has no clue that he’s tight with them and he just kind of wanted to laugh the whole time he was talking to him. They have some light smack talk about Elissa and how she has no emotions and that Elissa likes Howard because he’s religious. Amanda wonders if it is bad to say that Howard uses his “race and religion” on Elissa. Andy says “he does!”

6:45 PM BBT: Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she thinks Kaitlin
is turning against them and going to the other side. She says that she thinks Kaitlin is in a final four deal with Andy, Helen and Elissa. GM says fine, let her go where she wants. Aaryn says if they could get Spencer out this week, they would still have Jeremy to work with. GM says it is just not going to work, she tried that sh*t with Nick. They only time the others are going to work with them is if one of them wins HoH and then they will kiss their a**es. She says there is no way Spencer will get voted out. Once again they talk about how the show will suck when they are gone and no one will watch. “They will just turn the f**king channel.” GM also says the “MVP f**ked everything” and she really wishes she had been on another season. If there wasn’t an MVP, she sort of jokes, then she’d be engaged to Nick by now and everything would be perfect. They talk about how they can tell shady sh*t is going on elsewhere in the house when they are talking and the cameras aren’t on them.

Meanwhile, McCrae, Helen and Andy talk about Spencer and Howard being the biggest people that need to be targeted. Helen says Howard needs to go next even before Aaryn. McCrae is worried that Howard and Spencer will find out that he lied about being MVP, especially since Aaryn obviously knows.

7-17-2013 10-35-24 AM7:30 PM BBT: Jeremy goes after Helen in his last ditch quest to save himself. He says he thinks he can get enough votes if she will let him try and he’ll be a good, nice, loyal boy if she does. He says she needs to make a big move and this would be one. She’s not going for it. She says she thinks that with him out there will be a lot less drama in the house. Jeremy swears he’ll change and not be a drama queen and that he knows Aaryn has made herself look bad and he’s not even campaigning to keep her too. He implies that Amanda, McCrae and Judd would all vote for him to stay but they don’t want to go up against the rest of the house. He says if they made the flip, she would have strong players on her side. He swears that he would never, ever, ever put Helen or Andy up on the block if they saved him.

Elissa comes in and joins. Jeremy gives him her spiel too. He includes her in the never, ever putting up on the block pitch. He says it makes him want to cry, the thought of going home and he would give his “left testicle to stay.” He also says that he would put up Aaryn if he won HoH and she was still there. He’d put up Kaitlin if he had to. He says that they would own him if they saved him. They talk to him about how they might only do it if he was totally their slave boy, the new target would have to be Aaryn, and he stops being an a**hole but they don’t mean it. He thinks that if they will switch their votes, he can get McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie all to vote to keep him.

In all of this, Helen basically reveals the whole makeup of the “Knockouts” alliance of her, Andy, Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Elissa (with adjunct Jessie).

Jeremy leaves, Andy comes up. They talk about it even though they all agree Jeremy is still the target. Elissa says he totally cannot be trusted.

7:55 PM BBT: Andy tells Kaitlin that Aaryn is going to be the next one with a target on her back, not her. They both mutually agree to never put each other up on the block.

7-17-2013 10-39-18 AM8:00 PM BBT: Kaitlin tells Andy she is still hanging out with Aaryn but they are no longer working together. Andy says she just needs to cut ties with Aaryn. Kaitlin says she will do what Helen and Andy want at this point and she plans to lay low. She says that Aaryn thinks they can get back into power but they don’t have the numbers and the MVP will make sure they never do.

8:40 PM BBT: Helen tells Kaitlin to absolutely ignore anything Aaryn says. Kaitlin tells her and Andy that he really thinks she is going to win the next Head of Household Competition and that if she does, Aaryn (if she’s still there) and GinaMarie will not have any input until her HoH. Kaitlin says that if she wins the next Head of Household Competition, and she has a feeling she will, that Howard is her target for eviction. Andy tells them that Howard has been throwing every single competition. Kaitlin says she f**king knew it. Helen gushes again about how Kaitlin is the bomb for using the Power of Veto so Jeremy could be backdoored.

9:05 PM BBT: Jeremy tells Kaitlin he thinks he might have a chance to flip the vote. He says he may make a lot of deals he doesn’t plan on honoring, like voting out Kaitlin if it got down to the final four. He says he told them he would do that but he wouldn’t really.

9:55 PM BBT: Elissa and Helen go over the eviction plan again and both are making sure the other person knows they are still targeting Jeremy for eviction. No matter what he says or who he tries to sway to his side. They are going to tell him on Thursday that he will be evicted so he knows for sure.

7-17-2013 10-40-35 AM10:10 PM BBT: Jeremy continues to try to work the vote. He talks to McCrae and Amanda again and tells her he’s spoken to Helen about how there are other people more important to get out first. He’s pushing a switch to vote out Aaryn instead. He tells them Helen’s allies are Elissa, Andy, Judd, Amanda and McCrae. He says he was surprised that Judd, Amanda and McCrae were working with them. Amanda says that is totally weird, trying to deflect Jeremy from think they are all working together. Jeremy is getting no traction with any of this. After he leaves, Amanda states it clearly that there is no way he is staying. She also wonders if Helen is “f**king retarded” telling Jeremy about their whole alliance. She can’t wait to boot Helen out the door.

10:20 PM BBT: Amanda and McCrae continue to talk like they are the true rulers of the house. Amanda says that the two of them could totally change the game if they wanted to. Like, if they wanted to keep Jeremy, they could pull it off. Amanda calls Helen and Elissa “morons” for not getting Howard out this week over Jeremy. Judd comes in and tells them how Helen pretty much revealed their alliance by talking to Jeremy about who was under her protection. Judd wants to know if Helen knows about the Goof Troop (Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy final four). Amanda says no. Judd is confused. Amanda says Helen is not in the Goof Troop. She’s in the ‘fake’ Knockouts alliance that is the Goof Troop plus Helen and Elissa (with honorary but uniformed member Jessie).

7-17-2013 10-41-25 AM10:30 PM BBT: Amanda is not so happy with Helen, who seems to have gone slightly power mad with being Head of Household and just can’t stop talking. Like revealing their alliance to Jeremy pretty much. Amanda tried to cover it up with Jeremy by saying she and McCrae weren’t working with the others but it was nice Helen was trying to protect them. Andy says that for being so smart, Helen says a lot of dumb things. Amanda is really cranked because Jeremy is just going to tell Kaitlin everything. She wonders how many dumb things Helen has to do “before I kill myself.” They talk about pretending to give Jeremy hope he might stay. Moving on to targets, they think Jessie seems like a better person to keep around than Helen for a while. But Amanda says Elissa needs to be the first person from their side to go.

11:00 PM BBT: Judd tries to do some ‘handling’ of Aaryn and get her mind away from anything Helen said about him being under her protection. Aaryn says that it sucks that she gets all the sh*t from working with Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie while Kaitlin gets deals.

11:15 PM BBT: Alcohol for the HouseGuests!

7-17-2013 10-43-08 AM11:25 PM BBT: Goof Troop convenes and Andy is informed about Helen being an idiot and basically revealing the whole “Knockout” alliance to Jeremy. Jud wonders if Helen was on ecstasy when she said all that. Now everyone is like, well, Kaitlin will know it all now. Andy says Jessie is locked in to working with their side.

11:45 PM BBT: Howard apparently thought the Big Brother Live Feeds were only on for a couple of hours a day. Candice tells him that they are on 24/7 and it is only Big Brother After Dark that is two hours.

11:50 PM BBT: Jeremy is working Judd now, implying he might have the votes to stay in the house and he wants Judd to feed him any information he can.

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