Big Brother #BrenchelBaby Has Arrived!

Right around the same time as Jeff and Jordan announced that they were now both married and pregnant with their first child, another infamous Big Brother power couple was having the very first baby!

Jordan, Rachel, Brendon & Jeff (CBS)

On Friday April 8th, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas welcomed their first child to the world. Their baby girl’s name is not yet public knowledge but is expected to be announced soon! Brenchel shared their exciting news with fans on Twitter and Instagram.

According to Rachel and Brendon’s social media posts, the baby is happy and healthy while Brenchel is getting used to the daunting process of being brand new parents. They already say that they are sleep deprived and changing lots of diapers!

On top of this news, it’s been revealed that later this year,  baby Brenchel will be getting a Big Brother baby playmate in Jeff and Jordan’s expected first child!

In the summer of 2010, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly met and fell in love during Big Brother 12.  After being seen as close, the couple was nominated together the very first week. Fortunately, they were able to win competitions and stay together for five weeks, and even come back the following season where Rachel won the game! Six years later, they are parenting their first child together!

Many fans and alumni reached out on social media to congratulate Brendon and Rachel on the birth of their first child. The former houseguests to publicly congratulate the couple on Twitter included Big Brother 10 and 11‘s Jesse Godderz, Big Brother 12‘s Matt Hoffman, and Big Brother 13‘s Shelly Moore. Of course, Rachel’s sister Elissa Reilly Slater from Big Brother 15 (who happens to be pregnant as well) also congratulated them, as well as friend and Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass.

In the coming days we’re sure to learn of the #BrenchelBaby’s name and see plenty of pictures! Stay tuned to @BigBroAccess on Twitter as well as Rachel and Brendon’s social media for more baby details!