Big Brother Canada 4: Weekend #7 Recap

Big Brother Canada 4 hasn’t lost any steam and continues to be an intriguing season! The feeds were as shocking as ever this weekend, in the reign of the Paquette brothers HoH win that was rewarded by Canada.

Source: Global TV Canada
Source: Global TV Canada

Warning: Spoilers are ahead! If you do not want to know what’s been going on in the house since Thursday night’s eviction, please do not continue reading this recap.

On Thursday night, after Raul’s eviction, the brothers and Nikki competed to see who would be Head of Household after Canada voted for them. The brothers came out on top and had some big decisions before them.

The night after their victory, they waffled between wanting to target the two showmances, Ramsey and Maddy or Jared and Kelsey. There were many times where it looked like it was going to go one way, only to have them change their mind once again. Both couples made their case for the other to be nominated, knowing they were the clear targets.

Nikki and Tim weighed in and pushed for Jared and Kelsey to go up, but Tim later suggested seeing which couple offers a greater deal. Meanwhile Cassandra pushed for Maddy and Jared to be nominated as they were the two main targets that the brothers wanted to see out. Phil had said that his gut said to send Jared home but his brain said to send Maddy home. Later he said it was “too soon” to take out Jared, which is ridiculous.

After the brothers had decided to go after Maddy and Ramsey, they had a conversation with them which changed their mind. The next day they got into a heated conversation with Kelsey in which they told her she’d stay if she was nominated. She begged not to be nominated but after the conversation felt it was where the brothers were going. Jared and Kelsey got into a tiff over this as well. She eventually worked on Tim and Jared to speak to the brothers to change their minds about their nominations.

After conversations with Tim and Jared, they decided that they should go back to nominating Ramsey and Maddy instead. The brothers revealed to Maddy and Ramsey that the house was pressuring them to put the two of them up. There was a bit more waffling and long drawn-out discussions, but ultimately Maddy and Ramsey were nominated for eviction. Maddy was not pleased aftrer the nominations, considering she kept the brothers safe last week.

The Power of Veto players selected were Kelsey, Nikki, and Tim. Before the competition, Kelsey and Cassandra discussed Jared, with Cassandra declaring she was tired of figthing for him and that he’s on his own. She was unhappy that she felt Jared thought Cass was not a good player. She insulted Jared saying that the only reason the brothers didnt nominate him is because they strong armed the brothers into it.

The Power of Veto took about six hours and ultimately, Ramsey ended up winning the Power of Veto! After the competition, Tim suggested putting up Jared to let the house decide between Jared and Maddy who should go. He insisted that Phil should be a leader and not a follower. Phil and Tim got somewhat heated in this discussion, saying he wouldn’t put Jared up. Tim says he doesn’t want to give Phil advice anymore and didn’t appreciate Phil telling Maddy and Ramsey that he suggested putting Maddy and Ramsey up. Phil exclaimed that putting up Jared would be a b*tch move.

After a long unexplained feeds blackout, we learned that Ramsey decided to leave the house due to his father having health issues that required surgery. The houseguests reflected on this and hope for the best for Ramsey and his family.

Nick finally got in the game and pushed for Tim to be the replacement nominee for Ramsey. He said he was fake and had volunteered to be a pawn. This would lead to a discussion between Jared, Phil, and Nick deciding that Tim should be the replacement nominee as they’ve seen his game and no longer trust him.

Maddy was upset and went to Nick for comfort after Ramsey decided to leave the house. She got even more upset when it got around that Jared said she didn’t care about Ramsey and that she felt bullied. She threatened to self-evict and began to tell the brothers that they were going to be targeted in the weeks to come. She pushed for Cassandra or Jared to be nominated beside her, and threatened to blow up everyone’s games when she leaves. The brothers try to advise her how to campaign against Tim.

Jared and Maddy had an argument over his comments about her. Jared claimed that everyone felt the same way that Maddy didn’t really care about Ramsey. Jared had also said that Maddy was disrespecting Ramsey by seeking comfort from Phil after he left. Jared and Maddy both ended up apologizing to one another after the confrontation, but unresolved tension remains.

The brothers said they hope Maddy stays over Tim as Maddy doesn’t have anyone else and they are tired of Tim’s game. The brothers confirmed with Tim that he would be a pawn even though it is not exactly the case.

Ultimately, the brothers nominated Tim alongside Maddy, and one will be leaving this Thursday! It’s sure to be an eventful few days as the house waffles over who should go home. Nikki, Kelsey, Jared, Joel, and Cassandra will be the ones voting this week, so it’s not clear how this might go just yet! Be sure to follow up on Twitter @BigBroAccess for updates!