Big Brother Live Feeds: Exclusive Voting For Subscribers

The Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds have been announced and the Early Bird special to save 20% off the season is already underway. Most Big Brother fans already know how awesome the Live Feeds are for so many reasons, but this year there is one big new one you don’t want to miss!

Big Brother Live Feeds 2

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For the first time ever in the history of the show, Big Brother 16 Live Feeds subscribers will have an exclusive vote every week to “influence what happens in the house.” Regular viewers who just watch the CBS Big Brother 2014 shows will not get this vote. ONLY Live Feeds subscribers will be able to participate.

We don’t know yet exactly what kind of power this subscriber-only vote will have inside the house. CBS Big Brother is keeping rather hush-hush about it so far. It could be something as simple as voting for Houseguests to have to do annoying chores, or prank other players, or wear stupid things. Or, this vote could have a major impact on competitions, or Power of Veto, or evictions… we just don’t know yet.

Honestly, even it turns out to be an entirely silly vote, we are still loving that CBS Big Brother is giving a special shout out to all their dedicated Live Feeds watchers. So we’ll be enjoying casting our vote no matter what it ends up being.

Don’t miss out on getting your exclusive Big Brother Live Feeds vote and all the other awesome perks for season 16. Subscribe now and get 20% off with the Early Bird Special!

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