Big Brother Spoilers: Power of Veto Winner & Final Nominations 9/15/2015

Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight and will have the prime power over who gets evicted on Wednesday night? The Big Brother spoilers are in from the Live Feeds from the Power of Veto Competition that took place late on Tuesday evening!

Big Brother Power of Veto

We’ve been in a mad race all day with the results of the eviction, Head of Household Competition, Eviction Nominations, and now the Power of Veto Competition flying out like crazy. After the eviction show on Wednesday night, we’ll have just one week before the final Big Brother winner is announced. All the remaining Houseguests are half nuts trying to figure out how to be the last one standing at the end!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

As the new Head of Household, Steve guaranteed himself a spot in the final three for season 17. However, whether you win or not can all be about which Houseguests you end up there with. So Steve had to make some fast decisions on who to put up on the block for his eviction nominations.

Steve apparently chose to put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac, who are really his biggest threats in the upcoming final Head of Household Competition. Liz is really the least threatening, and as much as we personally might like to see her go, she’s basically the best person to drag along to the final three at this point.

Vanessa would have been our main target between her and Johnny Mac, just because she is a dangerous snake that keeps surviving week after week no matter how obvious it seems she should go. If it was her against Johnny Mac, with Liz casting the eviction vote, we could see how Johnny Mac and Steve might have convinced her to go with getting out Vanessa after she just betrayed Austin five ways to Sunday.

Unfortunately for the other Houseguests, and Johnny Mac in particular, Vanessa managed to pull her a** right out of that fire and win the Power of Veto. Yes, Vanessa is going to the final three. Not only that, but she will get to cast the sole vote to evict on Wednesday night.

This means that Johnny Mac and Liz will be the final eviction nominees this week. We really don’t see how Johnny Mac is going to avoid getting evicted this time. Vanessa has to know he is the much larger threat than Liz in the final three. Plus, she may hope to redeem her Jury votes from Julia and Austin by trying to take Liz to the final two.

We’re already preparing ourselves to finally bid a very sad farewell to Johnny Mac on Wednesday. Still hoping for a miracle, because we’re rooting for the crazy guy, but doubting it. Steve just better be feeling REALLY lucky right now that he won Head of Household BY MAKING A MISTAKE. Good grief.

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