We have some dramatic Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds last night. New Head of Household Steve broke down in tears over fear that he has no way of winning Big Brother 17 over Vanessa.

Steve loses it on the Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Even worse, Steve believes he handed the half million dollars to Vanessa by making a terrible decision that may have cost him the game. Yes, Steve may have actually made a decision that will guarantee he won’t win even if he makes it to the final two.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

The Big Brother spoilers results came in last night that Vanessa had won the Power of Veto Competition and thus would join Steve as safe in the final three. This also means that Vanessa will have the only vote to control the eviction on Wednesday night. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks almost positive that she will choose to evict Johnny Mac over Liz.

On Tuesday night, just after midnight Big Brother time, Steve suddenly seemed to really get why Vanessa making the final three could be a very bad thing for him indeed. If he goes to final three with Vanessa and Liz, he very well may end up as the odd man out and lose it all. If he somehow makes it to final two with Vanessa, he does not believe he has the votes to win against her (and he’s probably right). What makes it far more painful, however, is that he apparently handed Vanessa the pass to the final three himself.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Flash back on the Big Brother Live Feeds to 12:10 AM BBT to see Steve totally break down as he admits to the cameras that he threw the Power of Veto Competition to Vanessa. No, we are not kidding. He sobs as he says out loud that he cannot beat Vanessa in the final two if they make it there together. Then he reveals that he believes he gave the Power of Veto Competition to her to win, based on her persuading him to do so.

“Why did I throw it? I just lost the game. I could have won the game today,” Steve said, totally freaking out. “Anyone but Vanessa. I can’t beat her. She’s so good. She got me to throw the Veto…. I could have beat her!”

Big Brother Live Feeds

Steve continued to berate himself saying that he shouldn’t have thrown the competition. He then beat himself up over Vanessa having the eviction vote for Wednesday night, because she’s almost definitely going to vote out Johnny Mac.

“I could have taken me and Johnny and Liz. And Johnny and I could have won. Johnny would have taken me and I would have taken Johnny because Johnny would have been nervous about Austin and the twins. I could have taken this game home. Oh my God. Why did I pass that up?”

Big Brother Live Feeds

In counting the votes, Steve believes that if he had ended up in the final two with Johnny Mac he could have won it. Now, he said, “I could have won and now I can’t. Now here I am, this pathetic little sh*t crying in my HoH room.”

There is plenty more of Steve crying and wailing and beating himself up over throwing the Veto Competition, if he really did and it isn’t just that he thought he could win but didn’t. If he really did have a chance to grab the Power of Veto and let it slip through his fingers so Vanessa could take it, that would be one of the worst moves of Big Brother history. Because Steve is right, if he makes it to final two with Vanessa — even if the Austwins are against her — we really don’t see him having much of a chance to win.

One big question we can’t help but wonder though… was Steve’s whole breakdown a fake? Did he honestly throw the Power of Veto Competition and regrets it because he thinks he screwed up? Or was he playing up to the camera in an attempt to get sympathy votes for America’s Favorite Player because he knows he’s in a bad position to win? Steve has had breakdowns and crying fits every time he had to make a major decision in the game… but we aren’t quite convinced he wasn’t being overly dramatic on purpose during his sob fest Tuesday night.

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