Big Brother 19 Eviction Predictions: Week 11-Who Will Be the Final Four?

Tomorrow is the first Big Brother 19 eviction of the week. By the end of Thursday’s broadcast, we will be down to the final three Big Brother players. Last week, we went from 7 to 5, with the double eviction. These houseguests are heading to jury in packs.

Big Brother 19 Week 11 Nominations: Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow

All week, the plan has been to evict Alex Ow. The first step involved Josh Martinez winning this week’s Head of Household competition. The second step was that Josh had to stick to ‘the plan” and nominate Alex and Kevin Schlehuber. Both of those parts went off without a hitch. The final, and most important step, was ensure that Alex didn’t win this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto.

Paul Abrahamian succeeded in executing this part of the plan by winning it. He then broke the news to Alex that he would not be using the veto. Paul couldn’t just let himself get a little blood on his hand, because Instead he tried to bloody-up Christmas Abbott and Josh’s hands even more.

He tried to claim that they wouldn’t vote for him if he kept Alex in the game. She didn’t really hound Paul about it, but she just continued to stew and get angry. Meanwhile, Josh found himself also stewing and growing angry, because he was tired of Paul throwing him under the bus to the jurors.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Josh planned to go rogue and save Alex. He would let Christmas and Paul split the votes, and then he would save Alex by voting out Kevin. For the most part, Josh is all talk. We don’t see him really risking his own game for one jury vote.

Therefore, in the end, we think Paul and Christmas will decide to vote as a unit and Alex joins her friend Jason Dent in the Big Brother 19 jury house.

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