Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 70 Highlights: Will Josh Backdoor Paul?

We had a major reveal on yesterday’s Big Brother 19 Live Feeds. Josh Martinez revealed that he wants to backdoor Paul Abrahamian this week. However, Josh debated back and forth about if it’s the right time to do it. We know that many fans would love to see Paul walk out the Big Brother house this week, but it’s not looking likely.

Big Brother 19 Josh MartinezThe houseguests all, minus Kevin Schlehuber, worked to push their agenda on Josh. Christmas Abbott made it clear that Big Brother is a team game. Therefore, he needs to stick with the team of him, Christmas, and Paul. Rightfully, Josh had some hesitations about his so-called team.

Josh’s Dilemma

Big Brother 19 Cast, final 5

Josh talked to the Big Brother 19 camera, and told us that he wants Paul out. He knows he has no chance to beat him. However, Josh needed to get Christmas to also agree to the plan. In Josh’s mind, the best course of action is to win Power of Veto, remove Alex Ow from the block, and then tell her that Paul has been plotting against her for weeks.

This would allow Alex to vote against Paul, Christmas to vote against Kevin, and Josh to break the tie to send home Paul. The only problem with that plan is Alex isn’t playing a smart game. She won’t believe Josh.

After the nominations, Josh asked Christmas about who she plans to take to the final 2. She told him she didn’t know at the moment. However, Josh could tell from her body language that she would take Paul over him. This made him more worried about his game. He’s really considering betraying both Christmas and Paul this week.

He believes that he can beat all of the other players, except Paul, in a final 2 scenario. We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens during the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition, it could finally cause a huge commotion that disrupts Paul’s game.

Alex Plays with Emotions

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow crying

Following the Big Brother 19 nomination ceremony, Alex started crying. Her tears caused Josh to cry. However, it was all an act by Alex to play on Josh’s emotions, which she revealed to Paul. Paul then used this information to snap Josh out of feeling bad for Alex.

Paul also found out that Kevin wants to get rid of Josh at final four. He wants Christmas, Paul, and him to be the final three. Of course, Paul ran and told this information to Josh to get him upset, because Paul wants Josh to antagonize Kevin.

He wants Josh to rattle Kevin during next week’s Head of Household competition, so he won’t win it. Hearing Kevin say he would evict Josh at final 4 was enough to get him to agree to rattle Kevin.

Alex continued to play on Josh’s emotions in a private conversation. She told him that she understands his game moves, but would never be friends with him in real life because of them. Josh tried to hint to Alex that things might change once the POV plays out.

Alex and Paul also talked about the POV. Alex said she would stay on the block to protect Paul, if she trusted Christmas. However, she doesn’t. She’s worried Josh will backdoor Paul, but not enough to stay on the block for him.

Paul told Christmas and Josh about Alex’s feelings towards them. This was more proof for Christmas to tell Josh not to regret getting out Alex.

Paul, a Mastermind in His Own Eyes

Big brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul also spoke to us. He congratulated himself on being successful with evicting Jason Dent. He wanted Alex out but it was still a good night. Now he hopes Kevin wins the Power of Veto, because Paul winning it messes up his plan. He would have to get blood on his hands by betraying Alex. If Kevin wins, Alex stays on the block and goes out.

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