Celebrity Big Brother 2 Cast Rumors: Is Kato Kaelin Moving into the House?

On Thursday, we reported two potential Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests: WWE and Total Divas’ star Eva Marie and 90s hearthrob and Melissa and Joey star Joey Lawrence. According to Perez Hilton, the official cast release was scheduled for Monday. However, a Celebrity Big Brother 2 promo that premiered on Friday revealed that the new cast will be unveiled on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday, as in tomorrow.

With the last two potential leaks, we may not have to wait until Sunday to find out more probable houseguests. In fact, Friday night, we may have learned another potential cast member.

Kato Kaelin used his Twitter account to announce that he wouldn’t be on social media starting Saturday, aka the day the houseguests are supposedly going into sequester. He didn’t give details but he said that he couldn’t discuss it now but people should look for him. Also in the text for the tweet, he said that he wouldn’t be able to see people but they would be able to see him.

If those clues weren’t big enough, Kato then claimed he wasn’t going into the house but he would be in Asia. He also then posted a picture showing him there. After the Big Brother fans started to pick up on these hints and commenting, Kato deleted the video all together, which made it seem even more suspicious. Now Kato could definitely really just be in Korea having fun and exploring, or he could be getting ready to go into the Celebrity Big Brother 2 2 house. What’s the truth? You decide…or wait to Sunday to find out.

Hamsterwatch also reminded people that Kato attended the Big Brother 20 finale with Omarosa, which proves he’s at least a Big Brother fan.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember Kato, he was a major witness in the OJ Simpson trial. He was staying at the Simpson home when the murders occurred. His testimony contradicted OJ’s testimony and seemed to provide evidence and motive for OJ’s being a killer.

What do you think about Kato Kaelin being on Celebrity Big Brother 2?

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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