Celebrity Big Brother 2 Cast: Has the First Member Been Leaked?

Big Brother 20 ended in September, so fans have had a solid three months without Big Brother in their lives. It’s been way too long. We need the drama, the tears, the terrible gameplay, the slightly good gameplay, heroes, villains—we need it all. Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait too much longer for more Big Brother, because Celebrity Big Brother 2 is on the horizon. January 21st can’t come sooner.

Eva Marie on Celebrity Big Brother 2?

We’re still about 12 days away from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 premiere, but fans are anxiously waiting for the cast reveal. Most likely, we won’t learn the names of the official cast at least until next week, possibly around Monday or Tuesday. However, Big Brother Twitter and Instagram got a little excitement when some promo videos possibly leaked.


Eva Marie on Celebrity Big Brother 2?

The video leak apparently started with a fan or fans posting that they saw Natalie Eva Marie Coyle filming Celebrity Big Brother 2 promos at their gym. They included a short video showing Eva Marie filming something. Then Eva Marie reposted and shared some of her own on her Instagram story. She added text on them about an upcoming project. Usually, Big Brother cast members aren’t allowed to speak about being on the cast until the official reveal. Eva Marie may have been exempt from this rule since others leaked the videos before her.

A few of the videos show Eva Marie being asked about what she’ll miss being in the house, how she’ll cope with being in the house, and something to do with her business. There is a possibility that this is some trick, but it’s also a possibility that CBS allowed the leak to get fans even more excited for the new season? We’ll know for sure if Eva Marie will appear on Celebrity Big Brother 2 soon.
Eva Marie is best known for being part of the WWE and being on the reality series Total Divas. She’s a no nonsense type of person, so she’s sure to bring lots of entertainment to the Big Brother world. This might be a must-see feeds season. Make sure to sign up before the January 21 premiere.

Additional Reporting by Tamara Kennedy

Image Credit: Eva Marie’s Instagram and Anthony Reydoini 

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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