Big Brother 21 Week 7 Alliance Updates: Nick is Gr8ful to Rejoin the Tommy, Christie, and Analyse Alliance

After the Six Shooters alliance imploded last week, Cliff’s Angels looked set to finally have their turn to control the Big Brother 21 house. Their power trip didn’t last long when Tommy Bracco won the Head of Household competition this week and nominated two of their members to the block. Even though Tommy lost one of his closest allies in the game with the eviction of Jack Matthews last week, Tommy was excited to try and get the band (AKA Six Shooters) back together under his HOH.

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Tommy’s visions of grandeur didn’t last very long. Former ally Jackson Michie had no interest in working with Christie Murphy, and he actually wanted her to go sooner rather than later. To make matters worse, the newest twist in the game, America’s Field Trip, landed Tommy’s closest ally Christie on the block as the third nominee. Once Christie was on the block for eviction, Tommy’s game was on the verge of destruction unless a Big Brother miracle occurred.

Tommy had originally nominated Cliff Hogg III and Kathryn Dunn to the block for eviction with Kat being his primary target. Once Christie’s luck took a turn for the worse, she had to take an additional seat on the block and the majority of the Big Brother house saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up. They wanted to see Christie escorted right out the door to chill out with Jack in the jury house. Jackson was leading the charge this week to evict Christie after he won safety.

Having not won a single competition before HOH this week, when his closest ally needed it the most, Tommy managed to pull off a much needed miracle with another victory. In an instance, Christie was safe with Tommy’s Power of Veto win. Now, the house must chose to evict either Cliff or Kathryn this week, both members of Cliff’s Angels. That alliance seems to be failing as quickly as it appeared.

Big Brother 21
Cliff Hogg III talking game with current HOH Tommy Bracco.

Once Jack was evicted last week, Nick Maccarone started to get all buddy-buddy again with the partial remnants of the Six Shooters. That group included Tommy, Christie, and Analyse Talavera. As you may recall, Nick was an original member of the Gr8ful alliance with his showmance partner Isabella Wang before the group turned on the couple. With Nick added to the group with Tommy, Christie, and Sis, that made another 4-person alliance in the house (the other being Cliff’s Angels until one goes home this week).

The only other remaining Six Shooters/Gr8ful members in the Big Brother 21 house are Jackson and Holly Allen. After they denied Tommy’s pitch to get the old alliance back together, they are on their own island it seems. They are close with Kat, and many in the house have taken note. Don’t forget about the Six Shooters blow-out because houseguests accused the three of knowing one another prior to the game.

Big Brother 21
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen talk game strategy after he won safety for the week.

In an interesting twist this week, Nick had a conversation with Cliff proposing a six member safety deal but not labeled an alliance. The group would keep each other safe until the final six, and then all bets are off. Nick would bring Christie, Analyse, and Tommy to the group, and Cliff would bring along Nicole. Issues with this deal may arise because of the close relationship between Nicole and Jessica Milagros. Speaking of Jessica…

Big Brother 21
Jessica Milagros and Nicole Antony are close allies in the game right now.

Nick is fearful with only four males left in the Big Brother 2019 house, three if Cliff is evicted this week. He fears Jessica is finally getting her way with females taking over the house. She has pitched girl power from day one.

Nick also wants to target and break up the Holly/Jackson/Kat show this week. He may get a partial wish come true this week if Kat is evicted. She certainly seems to be the primary target to go this week now that Christie was saved with Tommy’s POV victory. Cliff remains rather popular in the house even though he has proven to be a true competitor. Tommy seems more threatened by Kat’s game right now.

Big Brother 21
Kathryn Dunn once she realized that she was the primary target for eviction.

Tommy, as we know, has a final two with Christie. He also approached Nick on Monday about a final two deal with him. Nick seemed to be on board with the final two arrangement. This is no great surprise as Nick, Analyse and Tommy have already spoken about a final three together.

Now that we are down to the final ten houseguests in the Big Brother 21 game, alliances and deals are getting smaller and smaller. This is the point in the game when deals can make or break your game. Come back next week for the week eight alliance update as things change daily in the Big Brother house.

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