Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 56: Playing Nice

You know it’s a slow week when the most exciting/news worthy thing is a girl dressed in a chicken suit.Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 54: Chicken Run It’ll be interesting to see what CBS actually shows on tonight’s Big Brother 21 episode, because besides the Power of Veto Competition, not much has happened this week. It’s pretty much an endless cycle of the houseguests plotting against their next targets (Jackson Michie and Holly Allen), Nick Maccarone trying to run the new Six, and Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg III working to save their Big Brother games, but it’s only working for Cliff.

Analyse Talavera and Tommy Bracco still want Jackson and Holly on their side, but Analyse thinks that they can go further by being in an alliance with Nicole Anthony and Cliff. Tommy doesn’t want to exactly throw out deals because it might make him lose Jackson and Holly as votes if they find out about this new alliance with Analyse, Nick, Christie Murphy, Cliff, Nicole, and him.

Tommy also talked to Nick about being unsure if he could make the alliance deal with Cliff. He didn’t want to go back on his word, since he made a deal with Gr8ful and then the Six Shooters. He also told Nick and Analyse that he wanted to continue to work with Jackson and Holly, especially Holly. He thought he was still good with them. Also, he was sure that they were the main targets next week and everyone would go after them, so he didn’t need to do it. Nick expressed that if they were going to keep any member of the Holly and Jackson showmance, he preferred to keep Jackson.

Jackson tried to play nice with the Six by having game conversations with them. He said that he didn’t want people to think the Six was together, so he would continue to keep his distance. They thought that was a good idea but warned him to not let Holly and him seclude themselves too much. The house was pretty much settled on evicting Kat and keeping Cliff. There seems to be nothing Kat could do or say to change their mind, but Holly and her discussed trying to get Analyse’s vote. They thought she was Kat’s best chance of staying in the game.

Holly campaigned to Christie, Tommy, and Analyse, which just confirmed to them that Kat was a key part of her and Jackson’s game, so she needed to go.

Cliff also realized the value of Analyse this week, as he made sure to discuss the new Six with her and let her know that he was 100 percent on board with them.

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