Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 55: The (Potential) New Six

The majority of this Big Brother 21 day revolved around the houseguests making deals, debating who to evict, and booze. Things are not looking good for Kathryn Dunn and her allies Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. Their threemance and trio status has made them public enemies number one, two, and three. Unfortunately for Kat, she is the one on the block one on the block this week and likely to take the first hit.

The potential new Six (Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony, Nick Maccarone, Christie Murphy, Cliff Hogg III, and Analyse Talavera) planned for a game without the Threemance. Nick spoke to Cliff about making a new alliance including him and the other members of the potential Six. Cliff was all for it if it meant he was safe this week. Christie and Analyse were also on board with replacing Michie and Holly.

Michie and Holly suspected that their place in the original Six might be in danger, and that Nick and Nicole might be taking their spots. Michie even decided to ask Tommy if this might be the case. Tommy denied it, and also still wants to try to work with the duo but Analyse isn’t too sure she can trust them, though she spoke about only targeting Jackson and not Holly, to preserve her relationship with her.

Sis, Christie, and a few others planned to either not tell Michie, Kat, and Holly the true intentions of their votes or wait until the last minute. Despite knowing things weren’t looking good for them, Kat and Holly campaigned to keep Kat in the game. Kat’s campaign platform revolved around the idea that she would target Michie and nominate Holly. Many didn’t believe it, and Nick even told Kat that he didn’t buy her spiel against Jackson. Holly tried a different approach with showing that Kat was more valuable to their side than Cliff because she was a loyal player. Later the trio discussed making it seem that Kat really does hate Jackson and Holly, but Jackson didn’t want to fake a fight and become even more hated by America.

Later, the Houseguests received a booze delivery. They wanted to save it for their pool party tomorrow, but Big Brother threatened to take it away if they didn’t drink it tonight. This led to a game of “Never Have I Ever.” Nicole decided to remove herself from the situation before it got too ranchy and uncomfortable for her.

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