How Spoilers will work during Big Brother 13

Big Brother is a really different beast up against other reality shows.  The live feed component makes the spoilers run ramped. And for those who are a faithful watcher of the actual TV broadcast know that they should stay away from fan-sites and forums as everything that has happened is posted in great detail.

We here at Big Brother Access try to keep the spoilers at bay by providing ways around it. We just wanted to quickly go over how the spoilers will work for this season – if you’re a faithful BBA reader not much has changed. But for all the newbies out there, pay attention! – Spoiler Alert

Spoilers posted on the homepage of BBA are marked with an image and an icon to show spoilers. This is what a spoiler would look like:

The little image there helps you differentiate between what is good news, and show spoilers. To view the actual spoiler you will see this under that image:

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: This is what a Spoiler Alert Looks Like”]

And inside is all the spoilery goodness. mmm. spoilers!


Pretty simple. Except when it comes to Twitter. As you can see, on the right side of this page is a Twitter box. Now we think this is a very beneficial part to get a quick digest of what we’re saying on Twitter. But that’s where you can also find Spoilers! Sometimes we’ll mark it as a spoiler.. but most of the time the spoiler will show up. So if you are reading the main site, and do not want to be spoiled – don’t look at the twitter box. The conversation on Twitter moves very rapidly so the spoiler probably won’t hang out there for long.


So to say it again – spoilers WILL show on our twitter page @BigBroAccess so if you’re following us and don’t want to be spoiled.. unfollow now!


Spoilers will most likely only be posted on Facebook with a link back to our main page ( and you won’t see the spoiler. The only time you would see a spoiler is if one of our members posts to our wall. We want to keep it open so we’ll just delete the post if we deem it too spoilery.

That’s pretty much all you need to know as we countdown the hours, and minutes to Big Brother 13. Let the games begin!