Big Brother 22 Episode 37 Recap: Who Won BB Tonight?

The night that all Big Brother fans have been waiting all summer for has finally arrived…it’s finale night for Big Brother All-Stars. Nicole Franzel beat out Enzo Palumbo and competition beast Cody Calafiore in the first round of the final Head of Household competition. She is one step closer to winning her second title as Big Brother champion.

Big Brother 22 Final

Tonight, we will watch as Enzo and Cody battle in round two of the HOH competition. The winner moves on to face-off against Nicole in the third and final HOH competition of the season. The winner of the final round will choose which houseguest to bring with them to face the jury, and they will vote live for the winner of Big Brother All-Stars.

Final Head of Household Competition: Round Two

This competition is called Camera Hogs. Cody and Enzo will be shown postcards with a description matching evicted houseguests. The player must take a picture of the houseguests that match the previous description. After placing the correct houseguests’ cutouts in front of the postcard backdrop, they must hit their button to take a picture.

In addition, camera hogs will try and invade the pictures. The player must walk across a balance beam and swing the camera hogs out of frame to take the correct picture. If the frame around the picture is green, they have successfully completed that round and may move on to the next round. If the frame is red, the picture is incorrect, and they must redo the photo until it is correct. The player to correctly take three pictures in the fastest time will win this round.

Big Brother All-Stars

If Enzo losses this competition, he is out of the running for the final HOH. Unfortunately, Enzo read one of the postcard descriptions incorrectly and lost a ton of time placing the wrong cut-outs in the frame of the picture. Enzo finished with a time of 37 minutes and 38 seconds. Cody finished in 4 minutes and 49 seconds. Needless to say, Cody blew Enzo out of the water in this competition.

Enzo did not react well to losing this competition. He told Nicole and Cody that he was not upset with them, but he knew they weren’t taking him to the end. He told them to just let him be and let him get out of there. He is ranting about finishing in third place again as he did the last time he played this game. He said he was happy he got as far as he did with all these “twenty-year-olds”, but he was being sarcastic with those remarks.

Big Brother All-Stars Final Three Game Talk

Nicole and Cody spoke after the comp about the jury, and both agree they can’t read the jury at all. Nicole doesn’t think jury members will vote for a player to win a second time.  Nicole told Cody she could never cut him. She said she could never live with herself.

Nicole and Enzo talk end game and Nicole thinks Cody will win 9-0 if he makes it to the jury vote. She thinks she may have a better chance against Enzo because of how many competitions Cody won during the season. Nicole doesn’t know who she will take to the final two at this point if she wins round three of the HOH competition.

Big Brother All-Stars Jury Game Talk

The jury is surprised when Christmas Abbott joins the jury as the 8th member. They thought Cody needed to be evicted. Christmas shared that Enzo had been working with Nicole and Cody since day two. She also shared that she has no idea who will take who to the final at this point in the game as they were all working together.

Then the jury spoke about what it takes to win and receive their vote. Da’Vonne Rogers said comp wins, strategy, and most importantly, jury management.  The goodbye message weighs heavily with the jury members and their decision to pick the winner. They all agree they are very, very important.

Big Brother All-Stars

They are all impressed that Nicole is in the final three again and could win another Big Brother title. Enzo has a lot of boxes checked off, but he can’t speak well of himself. They also agree Enzo made a mistake by not going after Cody. They are impressed he kept Cody as a close ally, but now Cody has more wins than Enzo and that looks better on paper to the jury.

The jury thinks that Cody is playing a very impressive game. He played a great social game and won a ton of comps. They agree that cutting Cody is a good power move. They also think the final speeches are going to make a big difference in who they chose to vote for in the end.

Final Head of Household Competition: Round Three

This competition is called Vinyl Exam and revolves around the houseguest’s memory of the evicted jury members. They will watch a series of short videos, and each video will reference a record album based on a specific jury. Each album has three statements about that juror. They must decide which statement is false.

Each correct answer earns the houseguests one point. After 8 videos, the houseguest with the most points wins the final HOH competition. The winner will pick which houseguest to take to the final two.

After five rounds, Cody is in the lead by a score of 5-4. Nicole missed the very first questions and answered incorrectly. Unless Cody stumbles, Nicole will not be able to make up that ground she lost in the beginning. The score is 7-6 after 7 rounds of play.

Big Brother All-Stars

On the final question, Cody answered correctly and won the final HOH competition. Cody will now pick either Nicole or Enzo to take to the final two.  Cody has a final two agreement with both Nicole and Enzo. After much consideration, Cody chose to take Enzo to the final two with him.

During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Nicole was a wreck. She truly thought that Cody was going to take her to the end and not Enzo. Nicole doesn’t know if Cody thinks Enzo will be easier to beat or if they are closer than she and Cody. If she were to win the final HOH competition, she would have taken Cody with her, as promised.

Big Brother All-Stars

Nicole spoke to Julie about her strategy of building a weak persona with the other houseguests. She said she played it up so much that she would even pretend she could reach something from a high spot in the house and ask for help. She said that helped her to lay low and make people think she was not a threat when she was one of two previous winners in the house this season.

Big Brother All-Stars Jury Questions

The jurors were not surprised that Cody won the final HOH or that Nicole was the final houseguest evicted. Both finalists were asked who played the better game. Cody felt like he played a more well-rounded game than Enzo. Enzo said his social game was great and he was always in a good position in the house. in addition, he had some comp wins on top of his social game.

Enzo said his strategy was to not be on anyone’s radar and to make everyone love him. He reminded the jury that he was never on the block and no one was ever going after him. Everyone thought they had Enzo in their back pocket.

Cody was asked if his game had evolved this time around. He said the last time he played he had a great social game but no strategy. He relied on Derrick for all of his strategies. This time around he said he had matured and played a very strategic game with setting up many alliances.

Enzo was asked the same question and he said he changed things up by winning more competitions this time around. If you mix that with his social game, that is a deadly dose. Enzo is making a great case for himself.

Big Brother All-Stars Live Jury Vote

Ian Terry Voted for Cody
Da’Vonne Voted for Cody
Kevin Campbell Voted for Cody
David Alexander Voted for Cody
Dani Donato Voted for Cody
Nicole Voted for Cody
Christmas Voted for Cody
Memphis Garrett Voted for Cody
Tyler Crispen Voted for Cody

CODY CALAFIORE HAS WON BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS! by a unanimous vote of 9-0. This is only the second time in Big Brother history that the winner has received all votes from the jury.

Da’Vonne won America’s Favorite Player!

Big Brother All-Stars

Thanks to all of you for reading these recaps all summer long. Please join me again next year for another season Big Brother!


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