Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 10 Block Nominations (09/09/22)

We are down to the Big Brother 24 final five players. We’re a little over 2-weeks away from seeing someone take home the title, crown, and $750,000. This week, Monte Taylor took one step closer to the grand prize by winning the Head of Household Competition. Everything now relies on the Power of Veto Competition and who also guarantees their spot in the final four.  Since the Brochella and Dyre Fest twist ended, Monte has been talking about a final two with Matt Turner. However, he has been close with Taylor Hale, basically, since Brochella.

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I believe that this would be Monte’s ideal final three scenario. However, both Taylor and Turner seem like better competitors and jury threats than Brittany Hoopes and Alyssa Snider. This week will show if Monte wants to play slightly ruthless by cutting someone like Turner, who may beat him in competitions, or Taylor who could likely sway the jury to vote for her to win Big Brother 24, or play it safe by getting out Alyssa or Brittany, who he has no true allegiance to in the game.

Going into this week’s nominations, Monte seems set on nominating Alyssa and Brittany. The Power of Veto Competition could change Monte’s mind. Because if Turner wins Veto and saves Alyssa, then Taylor automatically goes up on the block. Alyssa and Turner make the decision on whether they keep Taylor or Brittany, and they could easily take out Taylor.

If Taylor wins Veto and takes down Brittany, then Brittany and her will almost certainly vote out Turner. This is one of the weeks where the Veto Competition is critical, and whether it’s used or not can determine the target.



Monte nominates Alyssa and Brittany.

As stated, this week’s Power of Veto Competition could really shake up these nominations. Everyone needs to win the Veto to determine their fate because whoever wins it, could hold more power than Monte. If one of the two non-nominated people wins and uses it, then they take control of the nominations and votes.

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