Big Brother 24 Finale: Who Won, The Big Moments, And More

Tonight is the night all Big Brother 24 fans have been waiting for all summer long. Tonight is finale night. Our final three houseguests are Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Matt Turner. One of these will win the coveted Big Brother 24 champion and $750,000 tonight.

BB24 Taylor Hale

The winner of the final three-part Head of Household competition will earn the right to choose which of the other two final three members will join them in the final jury vote. Our 9-member jury will listen to the pleas of each houseguest and vote for the winner live tonight on CBS.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition Part One

This competition is called Weiner Palooza, and here is how it works. At the sound of the horn, each houseguest will stand on a platform attached to a gigantic hotdog that wobbles back and forth and side to side. They must hang on for dear life because the last houseguest left hanging on wins the competition.

The houseguests hang on for dear life as the weiners wildly thrash them all around. This is not an easy competition. After 36 minutes, Taylor is flung from the weiner, and she is removed from this HOH competition. Monte and Turner are the only two houseguests remaining.


After a total of 46 minutes on the weiner ride, Monte hit the ground. Turner won the first part of the final HOH competition. He will proceed automatically to the third and final part of this competition. Monte and Taylor will head off on round two to win the right to face Turner in part three.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition Part Two

This competition is called Festival Line-up, and here is how it works. Taylor and Monte will race to place competition titles throughout the season on either the POV billboard or the HOH billboard. In addition, they must place the titles according to when they took place, finishing with the most recent.

Once they feel they have all of the titles correct, they will buzz in to check their answers. The first houseguest to correctly place all of the titles on the correct billboard will win part two of the final HOH competition.


Once both houseguests had finished, their times were revealed. Taylor finished placing the titles in 7 minutes and 4 seconds. Monte finished his titles in 6 minutes and 41 seconds. Monte won part two of the final HOH competition.

Long ago, during Turner’s first HOH reign, he and Monte made a final two agreements. Now that Turner and Monte have won the first two parts of the final HOH competitions, they spoke and agreed to take each other to the final. However, in the game of Big Brother, talk is cheap, and actions are where the money is, so we will see if this holds true.

Dr. Will Visits the Big Brother 24 Jury House

The jury members are introduced to the next member of the jury, which is Brittany Hoopes. She is juror number 8. Dr. Will shared that he feels the final three this season are a solid group, and any one of them could win the Big Brother title this season. He can’t same the same for all of the previous seasons.

Most of the houseguests agree that Turner is smarter than he lets on. He’s more complex than the kid that just lives in a van.

BB24 Finale

They spoke about how Taylor survived the eviction block five times and survived each time. That’s impressive in the Big Brother game. Kyle Capener said Taylor seemed to not only survive the block each time, but she came out in a better position in the game each time.

Some jury members feel Monte didn’t play a completely “above the board” game. He was sometimes sneaky and conniving, and they felt as though he needed to own that in the end.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition Part Three

This competition is called Jury Fest, and here is how it works. Monte and Turner will watch videos of the jury members. Each video will make three specific statements about a particular juror. Monte and Turner must choose which of the three statements is false.

One point is awarded for each correct answer. After eight videos are played, the houseguest with the most points will become the final Head of Household winner. Here we go.


In round one, both answered correctly. In round two, both were correct. Again in round three, both Monte and Turner were right. Again, in round four, both houseguests answered the same and were correct. Round five warrants the same results.

In the sixth round, Monte answered correctly, but Turner did not. Monte is in the lead now by one point. In the seventh round, both answered incorrectly. neither received a point in that round. In the final round, Monte answered correctly, and Monte was right again. He won the final HOH competition. He must decide who he wants to sit next to at the final jury vote and eviction.

Final Big Brother 24 Eviction

Both Taylor and Turner gave their final plea to Monte for him to choose which houseguest to take to the finals with him. Monte picked Taylor to take to the final two with him when all was said and done. He explained that this was his final big move to win the $750,000 and the title of Big Brother 24 champion.

Once Turner left the house, Taylor and Monte embraced in a tearful hug. Monte reminded Taylor that he came through with his promise to take her to the final two.

BB24 Final HOH

During his exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, he admitted he was shocked Monte did not take him to the final two. On the other hand, he knows he was responsible for taking out some big players like Michael, which would look good on his resumè. He also admitted that his jury management skills were not very good.

BB24 Julie Chen Moonves

Turner is now the 9th and final member of the jury. He will cast a vote with the other jury members for the winner of Big Brother 24.

The Big Brother 24 Jury Takes Control

The final two agreed previously on three questions to ask the final two, Monte and Taylor. Kyle asked Monte what his second biggest move was in the game. Monte explained that evicting Turner was a big move. Monte felt as though Turner was the second strongest competitor in the game and did what he had to do to win.

Michael Bruner asked Taylor if she adapted her game and how after he was made a target in the Big Brother house. Taylor explained that she played the game as herself, and as more of herself was revealed, that aspect helped her game.

BB24 Taylor Hale

Joseph Abdin asked Monte what his biggest blunder was in the game. Monte explained that he didn’t protect Michael and Brittany like he should have to help the Leftovers alliance move forward. Monte said that put a target on his back, and he wishes he had handled that differently.

Jasmine Davis asked Taylor what big moves she made that houseguests may not have known were hers. She explained that she played a game for the females in the Big Brother house. She did all she could to protect the women in the Big Brother house.

Turner asked Monte why he broke his final two agreements with him and why he should get his vote. He explained that he realized that he wasn’t a priority in Turner’s game due to certain actions during Dyre Fest.

Taylor and Monte gave their final speeches and pleas to the jury members as to why they should earn their vote. Each spoke of their big moves and all of the items that helped to make their resumè strongest at the end of the Big Brother 24 game.

Turner voted for Monte.
Brittany voted for Taylor.
Alyssa voted for Taylor.
Michael voted for Taylor.
Terrance voted for Taylor.
Kyle voted for Taylor.
Joseph voted for Taylor.
Jasmine voted for Taylor.
Indie voted for Taylor.

Taylor Hale is the winner of Big Brother 24 

For the first time in Big Brother history, the winner was also America’s Favorite Player. Taylor won that title as well.

BB24 Taylor Hale

This has been a fantastic season, and thanks for joining us all season long. We look forward to another great season next summer. Thanks for reading.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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