Big Brother 24 Rumors: Terrance Used Veto To Save Turner

The Big Brother 24 feeds haven’t been that exciting this week. This is mainly because with fewer people on each side, not much is happening in the game (at least from what we’re seeing). Additionally, that game has been (briefly) halted by the Dyre Fest vs Brochella twist. Each side can’t really plan for next week without knowing what’s going on with half of the house. 

Big Brother 24-Terrance Higgins and Matt Turner

It’s also been a pretty boring week of feeds because we’ve only seen gameplay inside the house, at Brochella. The outside feeds, Dyre Fest, have been blocked all week due to alleged wall yellers trying to influence the game. 

We know for sure that Power of Veto winner Brittany Hoopes did not use the Veto. This means that HOH Michael Bruner’s original nominees Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis are still on the block. Currently, Jasmine is the intended target. Because the week has gone as planned for Michael, we haven’t seen much action in terms of strategizing and gameplay.

The biggest thing that could come from this week is whether the houseguests warn Jasmine before they evict her, or try to come up with a lie about it. Brittany and Michael could start to switch their votes, but we doubt they’ll do that unless they can get Taylor to agree to it as well. However, Monte and she have bonded a lot this week. She knows keeping him is better for her game than keeping Jasmine. It would take a lot for Michael and Brittany to sway her to vote against him this week. And if they split the vote and take out Monte, they may lose Taylor as an ally as well.

The last we saw of the backyard crew, Head of Household Terrance Higgins won the Power of Veto. Going into the Veto Competition, he planned to keep nominations the same because Kyle Capener exposed the Leftovers to him and Alyssa Snider. 

Terrance, however, kept telling Joseph that the plan was to use the Veto on him and backdoor one of the showmance players. It seemed guaranteed that Terrance would not use the Veto. Since the feeds have not shown much of the backyard group, we have no clue what’s actually been going on this week with Dyre Fest. 

Yesterday, some rumors started that Terrance did in fact use the Veto. This Twitter spoiler account called Spoiler Girl claimed that Terrance used the Veto to remove Matt Turner from the block. He named Kyle as the replacement.

She also claimed that Turner, Alyssa, and Terrance hadn’t made a firm decision on who to evict this week. The account went on to say that they couldn’t confirm if nominating Kyle was done to cover up Terrance and Kyle potentially working together or not. Spoiler Girl also said she had multiple sources confirm that the information about Terrance using the Veto was accurate. Other Twitter accounts that some fans claim have given accurate spoilers in the past refuted this claim. They said the Veto hadn’t been used based on an alleged cousin who works for production.


On Tuesday morning, Big Brother Gossip claimed that their source could back up Spoiler Girl’s claim about Terrance using the Veto on Turner, but didn’t give further details.

Spoiler Girl has been correct in the past but has also been inaccurate in the past. Therefore, many weren’t sure whether to believe the rumor or not. Big Brother Gossip has had a better percentage of spoiler accuracy. This makes us tend to believe that the rumors are true about Terrance using the Veto to save Turner and naming Kyle as a replacement nominee.

We don’t know why Terrance did this or if he really did do it, and won’t find out for sure until Wednesday’s episode. We also will get some version of the reasons behind it in the episode.

For now, it’s all just speculation, but it currently seems like Terrance did indeed use the Veto and either Kyle or Joseph joins the jury on Thursday.

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