Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 7 Block Nominations (08/19/22)

We have two games of Big Brother 24 playing at once. In one universe, Michael Bruner is the Head of Household. His plan for the week is to try to take out Jasmine Davis. This is the move that gets the least blood on his hands. However, if Jasmine wins the Veto, Michael will not hesitate to take out Monte Taylor. 

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He may even also try to flip the votes against him, but for now, he’s playing it safe by targeting Jasmine. Jasmine has no clue that she’s the target. She believes she is just a pawn to take out Monte. This is a week where the Power of Veto is more critical than ever for both sides of the house.

In Dyre Fest, Terrance Higgins is the Head of Household. He wants to make a bigger move by taking out Joseph Abdin. Originally, Terrance planned to nominate Kyle Capener and Joseph this week, but Kyle decided he needed to do whatever it took to save himself and Alyssa Snider this week. He exposed the Leftovers to Terrance. He wanted to reveal this card in the hopes of getting Matt Turner on the block instead of himself.

So did Kyle’s plan to save him and Alyssa work? Did Michael stick with his plan? Read below to find out.



Michael nominated Jasmine and Monte.

Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph. 

It’s almost certain now that at least one member of The Leftovers goes out this week. The member that leaves depends on the Power of Veto Competitions. If Joseph wins the Veto, he’s safe this week, but Turner becomes the next in danger of eviction. If Jasmine wins Veto, then Monte is almost certainly headed to the jury, especially with a Taylor, Michael, and Brittany final three deal. The week could result in two Leftovers leaving.


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