Big Brother 2014: Victoria Rafaeli Sells the Pink Hat on Ebay

Since leaving the Big Brother 16 house, Victoria Rafaeli and Zach Rance have formed a close bond. So close that fans often speculate of another post-Big Brother romance brewing. Now it’s hard to remember time when Zach and Victoria didn’t get along on Big Brother 16.

Big Brother 2014 Victoria Rafaeli, Zach Rance, Pink Hat

Zach and Victoria’s relationship in the Big Brother 16 house contained the right balance of flirting and bickering. They had a love-hate dynamic. One day, their playful friendship took a dark turn when Victoria decided to punish Zach for all his taunting.

At the beginning of Big Brother 16, Zach saw and fell in love with Victoria’s pink hat. He immediately asked to “borrow it,” but kept it until its destruction. It became a Zach trademark. Then the week of his eviction, Victoria sought revenge after hearing some of the things Zach supposedly said behind her back.

She stole her pink hat back, chopped it into pieces, and then teased him about it in her goodbye message. Big Brother eventually gave Zach another pink hat, while Victoria was left with just pieces of her old one. Now Victoria is auctioning off the infamous hat.

Victoria’s speech starts at 6:26

Victoria is currently auctioning off the four pieces of the pink hat in a frame; She and Zach also signed it. Each piece of the hat is currently going for over 200 dollars on eBay.

Big Brother 16 Victoria and Zach Pink Hat

With only a a week left of bidding, we’re curious to see how much Victoria can actually get for this piece of Big Brother 16 history.