Big Brother 24 Episode 19 Recap: Kyle Throws Away The Leftovers

The craziest twist in Big Brother history is underway, and tonight we will get all of the final details of how this twist will play out. Host Julie Chen Moonves announced the Split House Twist, where two concurrent and separate games of Big Brother will be played simultaneously. Big Brochella will be played inside comfortably, while Dyre Fest will be played outside in the backyard.

Michael Bruner won HOH for Big Brochella, and Terrance Higgins won HOH for Dyre Fest. They will pick houseguests for their teams using the good old schoolyard method. There will be two sets of nominees, two Power of Veto competitions, and two evictions. Let the double games begin.

The Big Brother 24 Split House Twist Begins

Michael and Terrance took turns picking the houseguests to join their Big Brother 24 game this week. Michael had the first choice and strategically picked Jasmine Davis, who should be his target this week. Terrance chose Matt Turner as his top choice.

Michael picked Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Monte Davis,respectively. Terrance picked Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener, respectively. The teams are set, and the Split House Twist has begun.

BB24 Big Brochella

One of the craziest parts of this twist is that neither side of the Big Brother 24 house will have no idea what’s going on with the other side of the house. They won’t know about the block nominations, the POV winners, or be able to communicate about the game whatsoever.

Terrance pulled aside Alyssa and Turner and promised them safety this week.

Soon after that, the members of Dyre Fest were taken to their new home in the backyard. They will use port-a-potties, outdoor showers, and mats on the ground to sleep under a canopy. They have a small kitchen and limited groceries. There is no privacy and no heating or cooling. Dyre Fest will be quite dire.

Michael met with the members of the Leftovers alliance in the HOH room. All of the houseguests under Michael this week are in his alliance except for Jasmine. It’s no secret that she will be the target for them.

Although she is the target, she is convinced that her relationship with Michael is solid. She thinks Monte will be the target this week. She is upset because Michael practically told her that she would be a pawn on the block next to Monte this week.

Terrance is running all of his ideas past Turner as his confidant. Terrance told Turner that Joseph is a target for him this week. Turner wants to work on Terrance to put Alyssa on the block instead of Joseph because he is a member of the Leftovers alliance with Turner.

Terrance told Joseph he was not a target, but Joseph knows that’s a lie. Terrance told Alyssa that she might go on the block as a pawn. He wants to tell Joseph that he is targeting the showmance of Kylssa.

In fear that someone else would tell Alyssa about the Leftovers, Kyle told her himself. He explained how they came together to flip the house on Ameerah Jones. He played it off like he was an outsider in the group, not the one that started it.

BB24 Kyle and Terrance

Next, Kyle went and told Terrance about the alliance. His purpose was to save his game this week. He admitted in the diary room that he isn’t sure if this was the best or worst move in the game.

Week Seven Block Nominations Times Two

At Big Brochella, the block nominations went as planned. Michael nominated Jasmine and Monte to the block for eviction this week. Jasmine is certainly his target, and it would be crazy to think that could change unless she wins the POV. Good luck, Jasmine.

BB24 Split House Twist

At Dyre Fest, Terrance nominated Joseph and Turner to the block for eviction this week. Joe is absolutely his target, but Joe is decent at competitions and could save his game with a POV win. Terrance is dead set on making a big move in the Big Brother 24 house this week.

Join us again Wednesday, August 24 at 8 PM EST for the POV results.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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