Big Brother 17 Recap: Eviction and HoH Comp – Week 2

Da’Vonne is on to the Twin TWist and has the power of the Last Laugh. Is it enough to keep her in the game? Earlier today, Da’Vonne secretly chose the three Houseguests she is blocking tonight. Julie says she can’t reveal who won the power. However, she is now going to reveal who has been blocked: Becky, Jeff, and Jackie.

For everyone else, it is time to vote to evict. But first they get to make a brief statement.

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Da’Vonne says she has nothing negative to say about Meg. She gives a shout out to god and her daughter. She says in this house there are strong people and there is a pack of cowards. She has proven to be a strong person and thus the cowards in power have put her up against her good friend Meg. She says she loves Jason and she has nothing negative against him. She says they shoudl vote for her because she is strong and she isn’t afraid of anyone in the house. She says she will protect them in this game or they can vote for Meg and let her be the beautiful pawn sitting next to them next week.

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Meg says she is so thankful to be there and Da’Vonne is one of the strongest women she has ever met. This week has been very hard and she knows that. Meg says she feels she has so much more game to play in this and she’s been playing a loyal game so far. Please keep her in it and she promises to work on her knock-knock jokes. And you are all looking so hot tonight!

And now we have the live vote:

Jason votes to evict Meg
Clay votes to evict Da’Vonne
John votes to evict Da’Vonne
Audrey votes to evict Meg (wow she stuck to her deal with Da’Vonne)
Austin (and Judas) votes to evict Da’Vonne
Jul/Liz (actually Julia) votes to evict Da’Vonne
Vanessa votes to evict Da’Vonne (Da’Vonne has been evicted)
James votes to evict Da’Vonne
Steve votes to evict Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne is the second person evicted on Big Brother 17. Julie announces the news. Da’Vonne smiles very big, Meg looks nervous. By a vote of 7 to 2, Da’Vonne is evicted. She hugs Meg, squishes the heck out of Jason, briefly hugs Vanessa, and then walks out the door.

The Houseguests gather around to see Da’Vonne’s picture turn gray and they give a big round of applause. Meg hugs everyone and thanks them for keeping her.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (69)

Da’Vonne is crying. She says she thought the audience would hate her, but they gave her loud applause. Da’Vonne had the Last Laugh but it didn’t save her. Julie does confirm that Da’Vonne was right about the Twin Twist. Julie asks was it a mistake to tell the others about Jul/Liz instead of going to her first and working to get her vote in secret? Da’VOnne says she thinks so. She tells Julie the reason she is out there instead of Audrey because people are cowards.

She says people are afraid to evict Audrey because of who she is (transgender) and what the audience would think. Da’Vonne says they have to understand that Audrey as a person and a player are two different things. She respects her for what she is doing and coming on the show, but as a player she has to go! Julie clarifies that they don’t want to put the transgender player up as a nominated Houseguest. Da’Vonne says she called that on day two and this could fly Audrey all the way to winning the game.

Da’Vonne says being too vocal cost her the game. But the minute she decided she had to call Audrey out sent her home. Da’Vonne says she wouldn’t do it different however because that’s just who she is.

Clay says Da’Vonne was her girl on day one but they had a falling out and never got their trust back. He has so much love for her in his heart though and hopes they will be friends out of the house. Audrey says it looks like karma just called and she has a dose of her own medicine. Da’Vonne chokes up as Jason says she is her one and only love and he’d be totally lost without her. He is going to win this game for her. Liz and Julia appear together to confirm they are twins. She blew up their game and now she has to go.

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Julie tells Da’Vonne that despite her goodbye message, Audrey did vote to evict Meg. Da’Vonne says she gives it to Audrey that she was loyal. Now she wants to see her baby girl!

Now it’s time for another BB Takeover with Superbowl champion Rob Gronkowsky. He says it’s Gronk’s Party Week and they are going to party all week long. There will be NO Have-Nots this week. However, they may want to work hard to win that Head of Household Competition this week.

The Head of Household Competition is basically like a giant game of beer pong, sort of. The Houseguests have to use a lever thing to fling balls into giant plastic cups. In ‘Gronk Pong’, each Houseguest will shoot their ball toward a cup. The two HGs that gets the highest numbers will win Head of Household. The order was determined by random draw.

Liz – 23
Jackie – 0
John – 0
James – 23
Audrey – 17
Clay – 6
Jeff – 14
Becky – 0
Austin -28
Jason – 0
Meg – 1
Steve – 0 (he might have won had it not bounced off a rim)
Vanessa – 23

Austin is the first Head of Household. Jul/Liz, James, and Vanessa are tied and have to have a shoot-out.

Jul/Liz – 22
James – 35
Vanessa – 52

Vanessa is the second Head of Household for week 3.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (84)

That’s a wrap!

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