Big Brother Canada 4 Power Rankings (Week 3)

You’ve heard about what’s been going on in the Big Brother Canada 4 house, but where exactly does everyone stand in the game? Who has the most control? Who’s the safest going into next week? Who’s at the most risk? Who should probably throw Head of Household and who should probably fight for it? We’ve got it all covered in the first Big Brother Canada 4 power rankings!

Source: Global TV Canada

What these represent is how I’d rank the remaining houseguests, including our two nominated houseguests going into tonight, and where they stand in the house moving on to next week. I am basing this on what we see from the show and from the feeds and take an objective look at how safe I think they are moving forward. It’s difficult to incorporate how safe they are versus how much control they have, so there are somewhat balanced out between those two. Read below to see more about my takes on each houseguest and where they rank within the group.

1. Joel – Would you believe that he was the safest out of this group? I wouldn’t have expected it going into this season. But he’s very well-liked, has a good grasp on the game, and is solid with multiple groups of people. He’s got something going with Mitch, Nick, and Philippe, as well as a strong relationship with Loveita. Not to mention that he’s in good standing with Cassandra and Nikki as well. He really doesn’t need to win anything at this point, as Jared/Kelsey/Raul wouldn’t target him and neither would any of the floaters or Dallas/Maddy. To me, he’s without question the safest in the house and has a great deal of control without it being obvious.

2. Mitchell – I debated ranking him lower as some people have caught on that he’s playing a very solid game and that he’s sort of being an in-between with the groups in the house. But the fact is, nobody is going to gun for him at this point. While Joel is in a similar position, nobody is pointing the finger at him as someone who is seamlessly playing all sides of the house. Mitch needs to take a step back and stop reporting details to everyone, like has has done with Jared/Kelsey/Raul this week after backdoor plans had been discussed. He’d be better off keeping his head down and letting the groups go at one another without planting seeds, they are already at odds, he doesn’t need to fan the flames.

3. Tim – Like with Mitchell, people know that Tim is playing a sneaky, complicated game. He has embraced being an irritant and keeping people guessing. But it’s going to start hurting him and it already has with the way he’s spoken out of both sides of his mouth. He had told Loveita and Nikki that he wanted to see Cassandra leave because he doesn’t want his heart to get involved, but since then he’s waffled and Loveita even confronted him about it. He’s in good with so many of them, but perhaps is talking a bit too much. Loose lips sink ships, Tim. And I can guarantee that people would be taking a stab at him before they took one at Nikki.

4. Cassandra – Despite the fact that she’s nominated for eviction and could go home tonight, she’s in a good spot if she sticks around. The fact that people are fighting for her to stay when it’s against HoH Loveita’s wishes is a good sign for how the house feels about her. She’s used this opportunity well to get in with different groups in he house, such as the brothers and Mitch, and certainly has out-campaigned Christine from what I’ve seen. If she survives, she’ll be around for a long time and could go very deep in this game if she plays her cards right and keeps her foot in the door with various groups in the house.

5. Nikki – Shocker? Not really for me, I think Nikki is keeping her head down and while she doesn’t really love everyone in the house, they either don’t know about it or don’t think much of it. She’s with Loveita who isn’t incredibly popular, but has other relationships with Tim and Philippe and many of the others. She’s in a great spot where she doesn’t need power, yet nobody is coming for her. She’s non-threatening and fun to be around when she’s not throwing a tantrum. I don’t expect to see her go anywhere anytime soon, which is great for entertainment potential.

6. Nick & Philippe  – The brothers are surprising me and are playing a very good game. I think they’re a big part of keeping big targets in the game to distract from the two of them, and so far it’s working. But their names did come up this week as people that some of the houseguests wanted to see backdoored. Loveita refused to do it as she has a good relationship with them but the fact that people are still thinking about them weakens their position. To be fair however, it’s unlikely they’d ever really to be able to avoid attention. So far, so good for the brothers but they might need to start to win things soon to protect themselves.

7. Ramsey – Don’t get me wrong, Ramsey doesn’t really have any power or sway in the house right now, but nobody is feeling as though they need to take immediate action to get rid of him. He’s been licking his wounds for a few weeks now after he lost Paige and his original alliance. Despite fallout with Dallas and some strained relationships, nobody has him in their line of fire. If he can remain quiet and slowly build up some relationships in the house, I see him sticking around for a while. But he is also disposable to so many of them, so he really needs to make sure he has some protection.

8. Loveita – Oh, Loveita. I can’t help but want her to succeed but I want to shake her and tell her how she needs to play this game. She’s making the same mistakes she made in her first week all over again. I think she attempted to learn by not putting up big targets that will come at her next week, but what she needed to realize is that you do not want to push the house in a certain direction so forcefully. Put up two people you want gone and let the house decide. I think she’ll not be that surprised this time if Cassandra stays and many are okay to let her stick around as a foil to other alliances, but she is coming off as a threat to win competitions. So if power falls into the wrong hands she could have another rought week.

9. Dallas – He’s being played it fast and loose the entire time with his lie about the first eviction vote and trying to force Loveita to backdoor someone this week. People know that he’s been sneaky and played both sides and put other people in a dangerous spot. Many of them are wanting to gun for the tandem of him and Maddy this week, presumably with him as the target. But I do suspect there are detractors and more people would fight for him to stay than would seem. An HoH win for him right now would be really clutch because he needs to watch his back.

10. Kelsey – I actually think Kelsey rebounded from a rocky start this week somewhat. Sure, there are houseguests who really don’t like her and she gives off a bad vibe far too often, but she has somewhat let go of her Loveita grudge after being safe and has not been too over the top with enforcing a particular agenda. We’ll see what happens if her, Jared, or Raul get power again but it might be better for them to stay off the radar another week. Things could get sticky though if the wrong person wins as they are an obvious threesome that comes off as very threatening.

11. Jared – I would have placed him above Kelsey but I think people are getting anxious to make big moves and take out someone who can actually win stuff. Loveita was more about backdooring Kelsey this week but several of the guys were pushing for it to be Jared instead. People know that he’s the scarier player in terms of making it very far for being likable nad winning competitions. They all like him in there, but he’s made his allegiances obvious at this point and that’s not good.

12. Maddy – She could use an HoH win for sure. I don’t think she’d necessarily be a target but could easily be collateral damage for any number of people because she’s not well-connected with this group and few of them actually like her. Even though they are sworn enemies, Kelsey and her are very similar that they don’t give off warm vibes to people that they aren’t very close to. I think she’s on a lot of people’s shortlists for nominations and if she isn’t sitting next to someone less popular, she could be out next week.

13. Raul – Sort of like Maddy, he’s just not well-liked in their besides by his allies. Nikki, Tim, and Loveita have talked openly about not liking him and they aren’t the only ones. He just does not give off a positive energy to anyone but Kelsey and Jared, and he’s an easy person to put up. Of course he benefits from being seen as the third wheel in that relationship but if they go up together and one of them wins the Power of Veto, he’s up there alongside the other. And nobody would really bat an eyelash if he were to be evicted instead.

14. Christine – She’s probably going to be evicted tonight and even if she isn’t, she’s an easy person to go up for nomination because like many of these people near the bottom, she’s not well-integrated on a game or personal level with the other houseguests. Nobody has passionately fought for her to stay other than Loveita, who is just trying to kill her target. I won’t be sorry to see her leave if it is her because she really hasn’t brought much to the table besides being dour.