Big Brother Canada 4: Weekend #4 Recap

Need a rundown of this weekend’s Big Brother Canada 4 action? As always, we’ve got you covered! It’s been yet another eventful week in the house and there’s a lot to catch up so let’s jump right in.

Source: Global TV Canada
Source: Global TV Canada

Please note that spoilers from the live feeds will be discussed below. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue reading on.

Shortly after the feeds came on, Loveita and Cassandra were arguing about their strained relationship. It was a very long discussion that went in circles for hours with them trading insults but ultimately agreeing that they are just different people but it doesn’t mean that they have to work against one another in the game. We’ll see how long that lasts.

As revealed on the show last night, Joel and Mitch were victorious in the Head of Household competition. And ultimately Joel was selected to be the reigning HoH for the week. Much of the house felt good about Joel and when things started it seemed as though Dallas’ side of the house might be in trouble.

Before Christine’s eviction, Dallas and Jared had a frank talk about where they stood and essentially made it clear that they were after one another with Kelsey and Raul on Jared’s side and Ramsey and Maddy alongside Dallas. It was clear from the get go that Joel was interested in targeting one of these two factions.

The option of nominating Tim was discussed by Joel and various groups as he felt uncomfortable with the way that Tim put him in a position with the vote between Christine and Cassandra with switching his vote last minute. Loveita agreed that he had been shady about his vote, and the possibility of nominating Tim as either a target or a pawn was mentioned. Joel and Tim spoke and he explained his actions, which seemed to satisfy Joel for the time being.

Loveita and Dallas were pushing for Joel to go after Raul, Kelsey, and Jared, while Mitch pushed for Dallas’ side to be targeted. Meanwhile, Jared was throwing Loveita under the bus trying to get her to be a potential nominee. But Joel and she have been very close and they have continued to be this week.

Prior to nominations, the Have Not competition took place and it was two teams: Cassandra, Jared, Kelsey, Raul, Tim, and Mitch versus Loveita, Nikki, Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey, and Philippe. The latter team was victorious and the losing team was able to grant Cassandra and Mitch freedom from being Have Nots, thus Jared, Kelsey, Time, and Raul are the Have Nots for the week.

After the Have Not competition, there were more discussions about nomination possibilities which ended with Joel ultimately determining that Jared’s side of the house was much tighter and formidable. Therefore, he nominated Kelsey and Raul for eviction.

Nominations set off lots of emotions including Kelsey breaking down and crying, as well as some arguments amongst those playing the middle with Philippe being in the middle of some discussions about a lack of trust that involved both Tim and Cassandra.

Loveita was also working on creating alliances to bring together the Maddy, Dallas, and Ramsey group with the Joel, Mitch, and Philippe/Nick group. She and Maddy discussed needing to work together and despite Maddy having some issues with Loveita they agreed that they need one another for numbers.

Philippe and Ramsey had an interesting discussion about the middle of the house having the power in and about who they trusted to protect them going forward and that Loveita would be useful to them both as they felt she’d keep them safe.

Loveita, never not in the limelight, took some heat for Joel’s nominations, as it was assumed that she was in his ear. Jared confronted her saying that it was disgusting, which caused her to breakdown and say that they were bullying her.

Ramsey, Dallas, and Jared were picked for the Power of Veto competition. Before it took place, Joel and Tim had a conversation in which Tim agreed to be a pawn if Joel needed to replace either Kelsey or Raul by the end of the Power of Veto ceremony.

Dallas once again won the Power of Veto but this week he did not toy with using it quite as much. He was forced to wear a cactus costume and there are other punishments that were a part of the competition as well. Apparently, Cassandra and Loveita had another argument during the course of the competition as well.

After the PoV, Dallas, Loveita and Joel had a discussion about working together with Maddy and Ramsey, although there were concerns especially coming from Ramsey, since he is aware that Maddy and Loveita have had some trust issues over the past two weeks.

Dallas had been pretty upfront that he did not plan on using the PoV this week. Although Joel considered the possibility of putting Tim up as a pawn. For some reason, Jared was never discussed as a possibility which I cannot comprehend and conversations immediately began about whether it was better to evict Kelsey or Raul this week.

Kelsey herself was considering asking to be sent home, and Jared has thought about the fact that his game might be better with her gone. However, there are quite a few houseguests that think keeping a showmance in the house as a distraction might be useful. There’s been much back and forth about what to do and it will continue to be the case until Thursday, as usual.

Dallas ended up not using the Power of Veto this morning as he had stated. After the ceremony, he and Philippe had an argument with Dallas claiming that the brothers were playing both sides and Dallas speculating that the brothers would become individual players eventually. They ultimately agreed not to gun for one another but some words were said.

Ultimately there’s sure to be a lot more waffling and drama as the week comes to a close. And with Arisa Cox pimping a fake double eviction, we’re not even sure what to expect on Thursday night!

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